Red letter day!

So in this crazy post-parent-teacher interview-prepping for the Foodbuzz Festival this weekend (and my appearance in the Bertolli Sauces Kitchen!)-gearing up to write reports week, it was with great excitement that I received not one but TWO parcels in the post. I LOVE getting mail, especially parcels, and especially ones containing FOOD!

First up, from my mum:

Now I know there are probably a bunch of Tim Tam purists out there (my personal fave is the double coat one) pooh-poohing the imposter biscuit. Well now there are so many varieties of Tim Tams available that you probably only remember when there was just the original flavour available if you are over 30… (err.. that would unfortunately be me!).

Anyway, one year, they produced mini white Tim Tams for Christmas and mum sent some over to Neil and I and we loved them!!! She has since been on the hunt for them and apparently found some more. My mum, by the way, is a champion of the discontinued candies and biscuit flavours – she phoned Darrell Lea when they changed the recipe for the liquorice allsorts we so love and recently was on the phone to Cadbury asking why they don’t make strawberry Freddos in share packs in New South Wales. Gotta love my mum!

(ummm, yes one packet of these is umm…. gone. lucky they don’t make them here!!!)

Next up, a special package from Arizona:

Yup – HOT STUFF!!! I am part of a foodie exchange group where a few food bloggers exchange products from around the world. So much fun!!! Interested? You should join up here. This lovely selection of products was courtesy of Louise of Felice in the Kitchen (check out her blog). Neil’s looking forward to checking out the sauce and chili pepper powder (how DID that make it through customs???) and I am excited to use the taco sauce. Thanks Louise!!!

1 more sleeeeeeeeep until San Franciscooooooooooooooo!

14 thoughts on “Red letter day!”

  1. Tim Tams! Yay! I hope you've been slamming up a storm 🙂

    I think my fave is the double coat too, although the dark choc one is pretty damn good!

  2. Foodie exchange care packages sounds likes a wonderful idea! And Tim Tams too??! I've got to say I've only had the originals thus far and now that you have posted on a number of different types, I feel like it's my new life's mission to try them all!

    I'm busy packing for the festival – can't wait to meet you!

  3. Chou – see you soon!

    Louise – thanks SOOO much!

    Laura – I will report on the taste when we crack it open!

    Conor – you'd have to fight Neil for the dark ones here!

    High low – that's a good sounding mission! See you tomorrow!

    Fresh Local – it was and thanks!

    Mum – thanks and can't wait!

    Velva – thanks!

  4. Aren't food parcels the absolute best? 😀 I must give these a go one day before they disappear!

  5. Pam, I think you need to CLEARLY mark future packages to my attention, so they do not get opened by your daughter.

    I came home two nights ago to find I was left with a SINGLE Tim Tam.

    I must say though…recipe has changed again slightly on the white ones. Hmmm.

    Thanks muchly – love them, as always.


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