North End Market Tour (Boston) – 3

Did you already read the first part of this walking tour here and the second part here?

Our final stop on the tour was Maria’s Pastry Shop. It doesn’t look like much from the outside but our guide Jim told us it was the best pastry shop in the North End, hands down. I know most people end up at Mike’s but Jim assured us that Maria’s was where the locals shop.

Maria’s specialties include:

Baba rum (plain)

Baba rum (filled with vanilla cream)

Napoleon. Puff pastry, vanilla cream and butter cream frosting? Yes please!

Parigina (mille feuille) – flaky pastry, sponge cake soaked in rum and pastry cream.

Individual tiramisu. Lucky I don’t live in Boston….

Savoia. This one is rum soaked cake with vanilla pastry cream and butter cream frosting…

Marzipan fruits.

And clockwise from the top: Regina tea biscuits (topped with sesame seeds), unfilled cannoli shell, Umberti (the rectangular shaped one), Amaretti (almond flavourd biscuits), Totos (the chocolate one) and various biscotti.

We got to taste a bite of the following:

Clockwise from top left: lobster tail (flaky pastry filled with vanilla mousse cream), biscotti, chocolate torrone, amaretti and toto.

Well worth a trip if you’re even in the North End of Boston and again, it’s just across from the Greenway so you could have a sweet little picnic…

46 Cross St
Boston, MA 02113-2201, United States

(617) 523-1196

3 thoughts on “North End Market Tour (Boston) – 3”

  1. Thanks for commenting on my site… Funny that you went on the exact same tour! Seems like the order of the stops was a bit different… and you got much better pictures than I did!

    I absolutely LOVE Boston and will be going back in a few weeks. I plan on trying to convince the rest of my family that we should skip Mike's and go to Maria's instead.

  2. Jen- I was a bit ruthless with my pictures, perhaps that's why!!! I didn't try Mike's but I would give a vote to Maria's!


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