BLT sneak peek!!!

Last night we had friends over for dinner and whilst we are not quite ready to hit the ground running with the BLT challenge (September 12th people!!!) because the pancetta is still not ready, there is quite a bit of bacon in the freezer that I hadn’t yet tasted…

So we fried up some slices…

And served it on a single lettuce leaf (local, of course!) with a single (local) tomato:

Ans a squirt of Hellman’s Dijonnaise (ok, not local or homemade but darn good in a pinch!!!)

Verdict? Two bacon loving guests inhaled theirs… True, it is a bit salty but in small quantities for a salad these chunks were absolutely delicious. I think we’ll be slicing it a bit thinner for future breakfasts though….

Thanks Neil!

10 thoughts on “BLT sneak peek!!!”

  1. Ooh the excitement is building! Don't go too crazy and make yourself sick of BLT before the day big, now!

  2. The bacon looks to have a crust… is that just the pic or did it really? And I can never look at bacon or bacon and eggs without being reminded of the guy in a diner somewhere in the US (I can't remember where) where, when I ordered eggs & bacon on toast, he yelled out to the short order cook "Adam and Eve on a raft". Apparently if Eve is topless, the eggs are sunnyside up.

  3. You mean not all the guests inhaled theirs right away – abominable!!! George's sacrifice was not in vain though…

  4. Anonymous1 – and so it should be!

    Penny – an egg on that would have been perfect, yes!

    Conor – don't worry – that's my first taste of the bacon! The arugula is being grown by friends, the tomatoes are not ready yet and I haven't started the bread experiments yet so no fear of getting sick of it all.. Plus, there's the PANCETTA!!!

    Geoff M – only in the States, huh? And that's how Neil likes his bacon cooked – crispy… Actually it's the little bit of fat that I allowed to be kept on for serving..

    Anonymous 2 – well, we all ate it pretty fast (it was a small serve)

  5. Lean bacon is a travesty, unless it's the back of the pig (i.e. "Canadian" bacon, otherwise known as back bacon). Generally you need the fat to bring out the flavour.

    Mardi DID chide me in that I should have cut off more of the fat…but leaving it on meant you can decide when cooking. Besides, I have a nice little tub in the fridge of bacon lard, which we'll use for cooking something else (tbd) to appear on this post.

    There's two more sides of this in the freezer, PLUS the two pancettas (Basque and regular).

    In fact, I think they are ready…we might need to bring them down and have a taste test this weekend. Cleo thinks they're ready, at any rate.


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