George is here…

Well Neil has dubbed our pig belly “George” though I am not too happy about personifying the pancetta…. In any case, both the pork belly and the curing salts are here! Me, I am in the airport on my way to Sydney, Australia so it’s now in Neil’s capable hands…

(I won’t show the fat side because it’s… well… REALLY fatty!)

I have to say that carrying a 4kg pork belly home along the street today was fairly amusing (well, and heavy!). I got a LOT of very odd looks. It’s huge as you can see here:

(Cleo’s VERY interested in this…)

Then Neil arrived home with the salts:

They’re VERY pink:

Neil is in charge of lots of detailed photography of the curing process and NOT with his Blackberry camera…. (n’est-ce pas Neil?!)

As an aside, this organically raised piggy belly was only $26.31 which I thoght was a good deal from Rowe Farms, just down the street from us…

2 thoughts on “George is here…”

  1. that's enormous! you could make blts for a few dozen people with that amount of bacon. but then, as we all know, everything's better with bacon. 🙂

  2. 1) Cathy, we may in fact have a few dozen coming to the BLT day!

    2) Look closely at the pic above – about a third of it is folder over – so it's even bigger than you thought. About as tall as Sophia.


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