Macaron mania!

Well after the Paris macaron extravaganza workshop, I am sure you are all sick of hearing about them on ELTW. Sorry friends but you have not heard the last of them because 2010 will be the year I learn how to make them (without the help of the lovely Chef François…).

After my last disastrous attempt, it was clear I needed some help and obviously my Foodie Secret Santa (organised by the wonderful Joy over at Gourmeted) was paying attention because look what I received in the post a couple of days before I left for Paris:

Thank you x 100! I don’t know who you are (yet) but I so appreciate the thoughtful (and useful!) gift!

After the Lenôtre workshop (shall we just have another look at some of the perfect babies I had a hand in making?)

I was very pumped and “motivée” as they say en France about my ability to make these elusive little mouthfuls of perfection and went as far as looking at Pierre Hermé’s book, “Macaron” in FNAC. I simply couldn’t justify the money (then – I am kind of regretting it now) but I could totally justify the purchase of two magazines, Elle à Table (stick a gold macaron on the front of your magazine and you are sure to get my attention!) which featured an article called “A table avec Pierre Hermé which includes a recipe from his book:

and Saveurs which featured a step-by-step feature (with pictures – totally up my alley!) on Lenôtre macarons!

(now, of course, I want to subscribe to both these magazines – perhaps Hermé’s book would have been cheaper!!!)

So there you have it dear readers. I will continue my quest for the perfect mac until I get it right. I am not a Taurus for nothing you know! 😉

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  1. For the record: I myself am looking forward to all the attempts at making & baking the perfect macaron in the WM household.

  2. ahhh… a Taurean… that explains a lot! 😉

    I'm sure you are now filled with the Spirit of Mac, as passed on by Chef François, and you won't be able to put a bullish foot wrong in the macaron department.

  3. Why are they so hard? Why do we keep trying? Why am I asking you these questions?

    You know why! There is something addictive about creating this illusive little bite of heaven.

    MacTweets unite!

  4. ok, when i first glanced at this, i read "macaroni mania," and thought, wow, that sounds like my current culinary rut what with two picky little eaters in the house. worlds apart though, those two things. 😉 good luck with your next batch of macarons!

  5. can't wait to see the ongoing results! they are such gorgeous little buggers it's hard not to develop a fullblown obsession 🙂

  6. How can we be sick of Macarons? 🙂 They have been popular in France a little while now and they're still going strong there. It is lovely for you to share your discoveries. Un grand merci et j'attends avec impatience la continuation de l'histoire des macarons.

  7. You know they're selling them at Starbucks now, but I imagine that's like me eating a Lenders' bagel. Not the real thing, I'm guessing. Anyone tried 'em?

  8. You'll find out who picked you in a bit.

    And by the way, I have to commend your SS for the book! I bought that recently and can't wait to try the recipe! 🙂

  9. Neil – I am sure you will enjoy even the ones that don't quite make it!

    Conor – "spirit of Mac" LOL!!!

    Simply Life – oh you MUST seek one out!

    Barbara – I hope I have time to try them this weekend for this month's Mac Tweets!

    Fuji Mama – well don't get your hopes up!

    Tasty Eats – wasn't it a great gift???

    My Man's Belly – how appropriate 😉

    Lisa – how sweet of you to think of me!

    Tasty Trix – I never met a challenge I didn't like. Kind of!

    Best Family – if only macarons were as easy to make as macaroni!

    Martha – maybe!

    Linda – I KNOW!!!

    Alexa – I hope I can finally make a batch that work out!

    Kablooey – I would refuse to buy the SB ones because they call them "macaroons". Sigh.

    Penny – I am sure you would be able to make them – you attempt so many other things I wouldn't even dare think of!

    PT – thanks!

    Joy – thank YOU for organising the Secret Santa – SO MUCH FUN!

  10. Lucky you-I had thought of getting this cookbook-my dad bought me this one for Christmas-

    I may get yours also-one can never have too many. I need to make some now. Do you have a Trader Joes-they started carrying them in-vanilla and chocolate-the chocolate are good-vanilla ones are too sweet for me. Some Starbucks have also started carrying them. They are not the real thing-but okay if you need a fix. A trip to Paris for some fresh ones is what I really need.

  11. I tried macarons from the I love Macarons book (the French version) with minimal success. What a frustrating little "cookie" to perfect! Good luck!

  12. Congrats on the Top 9! Your mac journey has made me even more appreciate those little goodies! I know you'll succeed!

  13. Esme – thanks! We don't have Trader Joes and I wouldn't buy the Starbucks ones (they call them macaroons). We have a couple of places I can get them but what I really want is to be able to make them myself!!! Stay tuned!

    Gourmantic – cheers!

    Duo – I hope so!

    Bunny cooks – I know – for something so simple looking they are very annoyingly difficult to get right!

    High Low – thanks!

    dokuzuncubulut – thank you for reading.

    Sortachef – 🙂

  14. I've been working on a blog post too, that had the exact same title as yours, "Macaron Mania" (I've since retitled it).

    I'm enjoying the macaron mania and because I'm on the lookout for it so much these days, I'm surprised when family/friends still don't know what a macaron is. Your macarons turned out beautiful! 🙂 Maybe we should do some kind of macaron-fest bake-off for all us macaron-manic bakers!

    I look forward to more of your macaron posts.

  15. I see we bought the same magazines inn France!! I brought back 10 of them as they are so expensive here when you can find them! You seemed to have a great time in France during your holidays. And indeed, it was cold…

  16. pixiepine – thanks so much!

    raquel – they are addictive like that!

    TeenieCakes – have you heard of Mac Tweets?

    Sandra – Elle à Table is actually pretty cheap to subscribe to…

    Kelsey – thanks re: the dinner and yes, the book is beautiful!

  17. I’ve just stumbled across your lovely blog in my quest for all things macaron; it’s most serendipitous that I found you.
    1. I’m obsessed by macarons;
    2. I want to perfect making them in 2010; and
    3. I’m a Taurus
    Mais je ne parle pas francaise bien.
    Still 3 out of four isn’t bad. It will be fun observing your progress. If you haven’t checked out this site I would suggest you might enjoy it she makes beautiful macarons and gives some great tips to ensure success.
    Best wishes

  18. I saw by chance the book in the bookstore, bought and devoured with my eyes! Then, first attempt, lemon custard: too liquid to be piped. Second attempt: buttercream. Got super hard and there was no advise as to take out x hs before you pipe it etc. The translation from japanese doesn’t seem to have been revised, so many macaron-terms that are not there. So I don’t even tried the shell recipes, I’m still using the same I had 🙁

  19. I’m a Taurus too FYI
    Did you notice the P Herme recipe is TPT (tant pour tant) equal parts almond flour/icing sugar?


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