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La soupe joumou

Around about now, I should have been taking my Grade 6s on a trip to the supermarket to shop for ingredients to make the Haitian food they would have researched. Today we’d go shopping, tomorrow, we’d have cooked 3 or 4 dishes and sat down to enjoy a meal together. I’ve done this activity in … Read more

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On the road in Haiti (a self-driving holiday)

(no, sadly this was not our rental car!) Those of you who follow me on Instagram will know Neil and I went to Haiti over the holidays. It’s the first Christmas we have not spent in Nérac since we bought the house in 2014 – for the first couple of years there was always work … Read more

Worlds collide: food and French

Longtime readers will know a few things about me: I love to cook and bake. I love to teach others to cook and bake (in person and through my writing and photography). I love France. I love French food and the French language. I love to teach others about French food and how to speak … Read more