Ding Dong! Hello??? Anyone home????

Breakfast on Sunday had to be something to soak up the aforementioned evening of imbibing! Amanda suggested Good Enough to Eat, a sort of cow-themed café that already had a queue outside it when we arrived at 10am! We had French toast, omelettes, toast, fruit, salad, coffee and delicious juice, though I held off on … Read more

New York on the "cheap"?

It’s good to know that a weekend in New York City does not have to cost an arm and a leg. I decided to log our (necessary) expenses from our Victoria Day trip to the Big Apple, just to see if you could “do” New York on the cheap without living like a backpacker (‘cos … Read more

It’s not all burgers and fries….

So here I am in Chili’s at Edmonton “International” Airport. Anyone who knows me will be surprised at this, since a sort of upscale fast food restaurant that serves Mexican-themed food (Toronto Life magazine says “think generic family dining covered in Velveeta Pepper Jack” but that’s a bit harsh) isn’t really my meal of choice … Read more

A few of my favourite things…

Welcome to the blog I have created as part of my online blogging course through writers.com. In this blog you might read about the following: Places I go. Foods I see. Food I eat (especially when I travel!) Food that I cook (check out the beginner’s luck with the macarons I made recently! This will … Read more