Massimo Bruno’s gnudi

[donotprint] Those of you who read ELTW on a regular basis will know already that I am a huge Massimo Bruno fan.  From the first time we ate at his supper club, I fell in love with his simple, rustic Italian fare.  Even moreso when I attempted his Popette d’Uova and they were fantastic. Many … Read more

Massimo Bruno’s popette d’uova

[donotprint] Remember the fabulous dinner at Massimo Bruno’s supper club we were treated to a while back?  Well I am not sure if I am more excited to be going back there for my (gulp!) “milestone” birthday dinner with 22 of my closest friends in a couple of weeks or to have been given permission … Read more

Massimo Bruno’s Supper Club: A journey to Puglia

An invitation to dinner is always welcome in the ELTW household and when it’s an invite to an “underground” Italian supper club, well that’s even better!  Suresh at Spotlight Toronto recently invited us to participate in a dinner put on by Massimo Bruno, whose supper club, according to the website “explores the regions of Italy … Read more