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International Incident Party: Salt

I admit this month’s International Incident Party stumped me a little. Salt. Huh. When you Google “Salt recipes”, you get about 23,100,000 results. Ok, then.  I put my thinking cap on… I really wanted a recipe that made salt the star.  I had a few ideas, mainly something with salted caramel. I toyed with macarons […]

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Daring Bakers July: Swiss Roll

I have to admit there was a sharp intake of breath as I checked out the Daring Bakers’ challenge for July.  A “Swiss Swirl Icecream Cake” inspired by this: (photo courtesy of the Taste of Home website) I was kind of half expecting there to be a Jello layer in there somewhere! And weirdly, it […]

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Sucré (New Orleans)

One of the places that was on my list to visit even before I knew we were visiting New Orleans was Sucré.  It’s a little out of the way, off the normal tourist path but I was determined.  We actually ended up getting a taxi there after a long morning walking around but you could […]

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Bacon chocolate!

Bacon chocolate!

Guest Blog from Mr. Neil, Master Butcher (and wanna-be chocolatier?) So regular readers of Mardi’s blog will know she Neil likes all things chocolate. And bacon. Well one of the recent “fads” it seems is bacon everything…including chocolate. And one of our favourite recent chocolate bars is the Lindt Fleur de Sel – with nice […]

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Chocolate galore!

Chocolate galore!

Remember this post where there was much excitement in the staffroom??? Well just over a week later and we are all REALLY in need of a little pick me up so I decided it was time to break out the hot chocolate maker and the Caramilk fondue… First up, the hot chocolate maker. It’s about […]

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Chocolate excitement!

Chocolate excitement!

Did you know that October 28th was National Chocolate Day? Me neither. Apparently the PR folks who are handling some new products by Cadbury do because look what arrived at my school yesterday for me to review for the blog: Cadbury* Hot Chocolate Drink Maker The Cadbury* Hot Chocolate Drink Maker heats, melts, mixes and […]

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