Tuesdays with Dorie: The Everything Cake from Baking with Dorie

A mini version of Dorie Greenspan's The Everything Cake on a white plate on a wooden background.

This week’s Tuesdays with Dorie recipe comes from Baking with Dorie. The Everything Cake is the sort of cake you need in your back pocket – much like a pound cake or a French yoghurt cake (I have recipes in both In the French kitchen with kids and French Food for Everyone: le goûter), it comes together with very few ingredients (all fridge and pantry staples) in very little time at all. Bonus? This one is customisable depending on what you have on hand.

Dorie says:

I had trouble deciding on a name for this easy one-bowl cake that you mix by hand. It’s like a sponge cake, but moist and a smidge chewy; you taste the butter, but you wouldn’t call the cake rich, just good. Its beauty lies in its possibilities. You can flavor it by adding other ingredients to the batter or by infusing spices, herbs or tea into the melted butter that goes into it. It can welcome fruit, fresh or dried, either in the batter or on top of it (the fruit usually sinks, but that’s fine). It can be frosted — I like it with a confectioners’ sugar icing — or brushed with warm jam, or just sprinkled with sugar. It can be sliced and filled, and it’s nice with a topping of poached fruit, whipped cream or even hot fudge sauce. I’ve suggested a few ideas (see Playing Around*), but there are many more possibilities for you to discover on your own.

* Playing around suggestions include citrus zest, fruit like apples, pears or berries, nuts, herbs or even alcohol like Grand Marnier

A mini version of Dorie Greenspan's The Everything Cake on a white plate on a wooden background - side view.

I made 1/3 of the recipe (there are 3 eggs for the full recipe making  1 9-inch round cake so I divided by 3) which yielded 2 x 41/2 inch springform cakes – just enough for four serves. I used these pans (<<< affiliate link but I use and love this size pan all the time!). This recipe made small, tall cakes which were so pretty!

I had a handful of raspberries needing to be used up in my fridge and some sad-looking lemons so figured this would be a good combo. I rubbed the lemon zest into the sugar before beating it with the eggs and tossed the raspberries on top before baking (and they didn’t sink!).

A mini version of Dorie Greenspan's The Everything Cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on a white plate on a wooden backgroundI served this warmed-up a little (I made it earlier in the day) with a scoop of good vanilla ice cream. It was pretty darn good and reminded me of the magic that just a few ingredients can make in a bowl and the oven.

I am sure we all have a version of this cake in our repertoire but if you don’t this might be the one for you!

Get the recipe for The Everything Cake on p 129 of Baking with Dorie or here.

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4 thoughts on “Tuesdays with Dorie: The Everything Cake from Baking with Dorie”

  1. Oh these little ones look so perfectly delicious. And ice cream! Thank you for the measurements for minifying…that’s a big deal here as well. Your photos are so pretty, the cake is just the most beautiful color.

  2. Your minified cake looks cute. I didn’t get to bake this week as I am on vacation. I look forward to making this when I get back.


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