French Fridays: Compote de Pommes (and a gift for you!)

A small jar of apple sauce/ compote on a white and blue tea towel with a small spoon in the jar.
Happy French Friday!

Coming at you today with a simple, classic recipe that didn’t make the cut for my upcoming French Food for Everyone: le petit-déjeuner (breakfast) book (coming out in time for the holidays!). Not that it’s not a great recipe, but this instalment of FFfE includes a few longer recipes (i.e. longer than a page) with step-by-step photos which take up page real estate and I had to be ruthless about which recipes I wanted to include. This one *nearly* made it but in the end, I wanted the space to make sure I had enough room to properly detail those recipes with a multi-day timeline. Stay tuned for the release details of the breakfast chapter!

In the meantime…

a gift for you!

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Happy (French) Friday!


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