Cook the Book Fridays: Caramelized onion galette with parm cream from Everyday Dorie

Caramelized onion galette with parm cream from Everyday Dorie.This week’s recipe for Cook the Book Fridays comes from Dorie Greenspan’s cookbook, Everyday Dorie and in a frenzy of recipe testing for the next chapter of French Food for Everyone, last weekend, I wasn’t sure I was going to get it done. But, thankfully, I know that galettes are easy and that caramelized onions just take time so I prepped the dough the day before I was sure I would have time in the kitchen to keep an eye on the onions and planned accordingly – i.e. made a half recipe which was perfect for two lunch-sized portions for me.

The recipe is three components – the galette dough, the cream (mascarpone or cream cheese, milk and grated Parmesan) and the onions – and in fact, all three components can be made in advance to be assembled when you want to eat it. The dough is lovely and butter, the cream… to be honest I didn’t really get much flavour from this – it might have been because I rolled the dough too big (though it was the right thickness) and the cream was therefore spread too thin? In any case, when I *did* get a taste of the cream it was lovely and salty – a nice contrast to the sweet onions.

On the topic of the onions, Dorie calls for you to fully caramelise the onions which I did but as soon as I was spreading them on the pastry and cream, I realised I should maybe have held back a little. The galette bakes for around 35 minutes – the time for the pastry to bake fully but at the same time, the onions will continue to cook as well – as you can see mine are VERY dark – on the verge of being burnt. Next time I make this (which I will, I make a version of this from time to time), I’ll not quite finish caramelizing the onions in the pan so they can finish off in the oven.

This was wonderful though and felt like such a *fancy* treat for lunch at work this week!

Get the recipe for Dorie Greenspan’s Caramelized Onion Galette with Parm Cream on page 54 of Everyday Dorie.

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4 thoughts on “Cook the Book Fridays: Caramelized onion galette with parm cream from Everyday Dorie”

  1. Good point on lessening the cooking time on the onions for the next time. Mine didn’t fair too badly this go around, and thankfully it didn’t seem to compromise the taste haha. We loved this one.


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