Cook the Book Fridays: Granola-topped squash and root vegetable gratin

Granola-topped squash and root vegetable gratin from Everyday Dorie in a blue Le Creuset dishFor this week’s recipe for Cook the Book Fridays we once again made something of our own choosing from Dorie Greenspan’s latest cookbook, Everyday Dorie. Regular readers will know that usually, we all make the same recipe every week we post but since we we haven’t been able to be sure what we will and won’t have access to in terms of ingredients, moderators allowed us to choose what we were able to cook/ bake again this month. The good news is that in June things will be back to “normal” (as in, we can all bake/ cook the same thing)!

I chose a “two for one” recipe this month… by making the Granola Topped Squash and Root Vegetable Gratin, I also got to make the Not-so-Sweet Granola that I posted earlier this month. I also happened to have a bunch of root vegetables needing to be used up (really just enough for one person) and my oven was warm so I figured “waste not, want not”, even though the recipe sounded a little odd to me…

So, um, yeah. Maple roasted vegetables = delicious. Topped with granola (even the “not so sweet” kind), um, a little strange to be honest.  I ate it as a side with some chicken (didn’t even offer this to Neil) and it was fine. Not a combo I would repeat though!

Dorie Greenspan Granola-topped squash and root vegetable gratin

Get the recipe for Dorie Greenspan’s Granola-topped squash and root vegetable gratin on page 230 of Everyday Dorie.

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7 thoughts on “Cook the Book Fridays: Granola-topped squash and root vegetable gratin”

  1. Sounds like a good recipe to use up what was on hand. The two do sound different. I will wait for this one as I am so over autumn food. I have moved on to summer!

  2. It does sound odd but I remember as a child being flabbergasted when I see my grandfather (my father’s father) make a sandwich with cheese and jam.

  3. Ooh I can’t wait to try this. I actually love the idea of the heartiness of a savor granola on top. I’ve been adding plain farro to salads and veggies and finding I love the texture and nuttiness. This dish looks delish !

  4. Way to go with finding a recipe to use up what you had on hand! Not sure about this one either, but will give it a try when that time comes haha!


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