Cook the Book Fridays: Miso glazed Salmon from Everyday Dorie

Miso glazed Salmon from Everyday Dorie for Cook the Book Fridays on eatlivetravelwrite.comThis week’s recipe for Cook the Book Fridays comes from Dorie Greenspan’s latest cookbook, Everyday Dorie and is an easy weeknight supper that still feels a little fancy (with not much effort = bonus on a weeknight!). This is based on a black cod recipe Dorie had eaten at Nobu in New York that she felt would work with salmon. Since I don’t eat salmon, we went with some of each fish (I do eat cod).

This marinade is miso paste, honey, lemon juice and soy sauce and the fish is marinated up to overnight in the fridge. Then you simply roast it at high temperature for around 10 minutes. The result is a kind of glaze that hardens on the outside of the fish, making for a pretty presentation and a tasty first bite.

We both loved this dish but also felt that the flavour didn’t follow through the rest of the fish, it was tasty enough (and wonderfully flaky) but we wanted more of the flavour than just on the outside! Served with plain rice and steamed broccoli, I guess we maybe wanted some “sauce” of some kind? I would make this again as it’s no-fuss but I might explore those ingredients for a sauce to drizzle over just before serving.

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Get the recipe for Dorie Greenspan’s Miso Glazed Salmon on page 179 of Everyday Dorie.

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8 thoughts on “Cook the Book Fridays: Miso glazed Salmon from Everyday Dorie”

  1. Or, in fairness, leave it for a little longer to marinade. (I did this after coming home from work late when Mardi was out…so it didn’t have HEAPS of time.)

    Another idea might be to make the glaze a wee bit “:thinner”, so it may absorb a little more into the fish?

    Regardless, those are nit-picky items: we had excellent Oceanwise Atlantic Salmon, Black Cod and Icelandic cod. All three worked well with the glaze, and even Miss Cleo declared it a success! 🙂

    Paired the salmon with a 2012 Ontario Niagara Escarpment Pinot Noir, which was aged in Canadian Oak. (It was an experimental batch, and am truly sorry to say I only have one bottle left!)

    The cod was paired with another Ontario wine, a Niagara Lakeshore “Franc Blanc” – Cabernet Franc vinified as a white wine. This also paired well.

  2. I marinated my salmon overnight and felt it acquired good flavoring. I used white miso but will move on to the red because I like the coloring of your fish better. I can see, even with my good flavoring, that putting it on a bed of plain white rice would seem a little naked, needing some sauce. Still looks like a wonderful meal.

  3. I am now realizing that the white miso I used likely impacted the color. This is why we have this group lol. So fun to see how you applied the marinade to the different fish, as I am also not a huge fish fan and would prefer other options to salmon (which my family basically fights over lol). I had to marinade it in the fridge and watch my back preparing this with my two cats in the house. Lovely results !

  4. I liked this so much that I’m thrilled to know it works on other fish too. I like your idea about an extra sauce. That would be extra goodness.


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