Summer Reads: Frankie’s Favorite Food

Frankies Favourite Food on eatlivetravelwrite.comThis is part of my Summer Reads series where I’ll be reviewing a series of “not just cookbooks”. With thanks to Tundra Books for the review copy.

This week’s pick for my Summer Reads is a little bit different – a children’s book that landed on my desk while I was in Europe that I loved as soon as I saw the cover and read from start to finish (much better than catching up on other boring mail post-holiday!).

As an elementary school French language teacher, I often use storybooks to teach vocabulary, especially with my younger students. I also have a stash of English language books I use as well (I simply cover up the English words and tell the story in French) and was immediately interested in this book because (of course!) I do teach a lot of units dealing with food!

From the publisher:

Frankie has a problem: he has too many favorite foods. He can’t bring himself to choose just one to be for the school play, so on the day of the performance, he’s still without a costume. His teacher comes up with a delicious idea: what if Frankie becomes the Costume Manager? That way, he can parlay his love of all things culinary into the whole production. From adding some last-minute garnishes to helping the rice and beans into their costumes, Frankie shines backstage until he has a brilliant idea and decides to make his debut on the menu as something that combines his love for all his favorite foods . . .

In this funny and scrumptiously adorable story, readers will delight in the variety of foods represented and the clever performances full of silly word play and sweet camaraderie. In Kelsey Garrity-Riley’s author-illustrator debut, she shows the joy of food and revels in celebrating the way food can bring people together and inspire creativity.

I was immediately drawn to this book because of the illustrations – bright and colourful and included a wide range of foods and diverse characters. The foods depicted are foods I know my students will relate to. Sure there are more basic foods like bacon, sandwiches, donuts and cereal but there are also more sophisticated foods like dumplings, macarons, falafel and pasta with fun names (farfalle) which, more and more these days with the popularity of food shows on TV and YouTube, kids will be familiar with.

As a teacher, it will be a great starting point for a unit on food as there are so many different foods illustrated that would be wonderful conversation starters.  For parents or those looking to buy books for children (the age range suggested is 3-7, so preschool to Grade 2), this would be a fabulous addition to any collection. Even “picky” eaters will surely find something to relate to in this fun, beautifully illustrated story full of puns and plays on words!

Truly a book that celebrates food – from everywhere – and one that will put a smile on your face!

Frankie’s Favorite Food releases August 20th 2019. Check out Kelsey Garrity-Riley’s other (beautiful) works here.

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  1. Any book that encourages a youngster to read is a good book. And, no doubt, the illustrations help a lot in that regard.


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