French Fridays: Lamb Tajine from My Paris Kitchen

David Lebovitz lamb shank tajine from My Paris Kitchen on eatlivetravelwrite.comThe recipe this week for Cook the Book Fridays recipe from David Lebovitz’s My Paris Kitchen is proof I’m dedicated to keeping up with the schedule to cook our way through this book every two weeks! I’m in Australia where it’s still summer (30˚C with very high – 80% – humidity) so not exactly lamb tajine weather BUT, schedule says “lamb tajine” so…. Also, the idea of eating lamb in Australia is particularly appealing, though it’s not my favourite meat, fresh Australian lamb can’t be beat!

This was a 2-day dish so one you definitely need to plan ahead for. We marinated the lamb shanks the day before we cooked them then they take around 3 hours to prepare (most of that is hands-off time). It’s a fairly easy recipe, despite it needing planning ahead – the marinade comes together quickly, then on the day you cook the lamb, you simply brown the shanks, then onions and garlic, then add chicken stock, honey and chopped tomatoes. Finally you add the lamb back and cook for a couple of hours, turning the shanks once and adding some raisins and dried apricots halfway through. The final step is to remove the lid of the pan (we used mum’s 30cm Le Creuset braiser in Cerise!) and cook for another 30 minutes to reduce the sauce a little, adding the rest of the dried fruit. I garnished with a little cilantro but would imagine some pistachios might be nice on there as well, to add a bit of texture.

This was a superb lamb dish (even if it’s not my favorite meat) and I’d definitely make it again. Maybe next week when I head back to winter in Canada!

Get the recipe for David Lebovitz’s Lamb Tajine on p 199 of My Paris Kitchen.


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11 thoughts on “French Fridays: Lamb Tajine from My Paris Kitchen”

  1. Yes please, this would be a glorious dish for the tail end of wintry chilly nights here.

    Mr. Neil is a HUGE lamb fan; and tagines always bring back wonderful memories of North Africa (and Paris).

    I’d even pair this with a bottle of Syrah from Morocco. Now if that wasn’t available for most people (!!), I’d lean towards savoury full-bodied reds with earthy tones. Think Rhone, Piemonte or Sicily, or an aged Right Bank Bordeaux.

  2. Your dish looks really lovely. Beautiful colors. Though I can see that it would be a challenge as a summery dish. Sounds like Mr. Neil will be delighted to offer another opportunity to make it!!

  3. You know what I’ve been talking about it! That humidity… it’s rough.
    I am very impressed with how you manage to keep up with all the cooking Mardi! It’s pretty amazing actually. Your tagine looks amazing. It’s such a photogenic dish!
    We really liked it as well. Very family friendly dish to make. If you plan ahead.

  4. I tell you that this dish is super photogenic–I always enjoy your photos, but this one is fabulous. This is one of the few braises that actually looks good! Glad you enjoyed it–I finally found lamb shanks (ours are often imported from Australia or NZ, from what I see) and am looking forward to trying this. Enjoy your trip!

  5. A tough dish to prepare in the heat, I give you credit for that one. I hope you have a wonderful trip and safe travels.

  6. This dish brings back some wonderful memories Mardi 🙂 but will definitely need to be a Winter recipe for me.

    After a week of rain I was hoping to have seen the last of our Summer heat but nope – right back to our 40+ temps within a couple of days 🙁

  7. No matter where you are, Mardi, you always get the week’s recipe made. Remember when you were in France and working on your house? I think you used a hot plate once! I do love lamb and know that those critters from New Zealand and Australia are the best. Enjoy your time down under because. I just received your e-mail as I am writing this. Yes, I will pass greeting on to your friends at LCP. The macaroon spelling for the Day’s celebration is perplexing but I think it’s more a trademark or copyright issue. This Day’s celebration of the macaron was started by P. Hermès 15 years ago. I don’t think they celebrate this stateside. Just a fundraiser here.

  8. We already knew you were dedicated, and this is further proof! It is delicious, and worth making again when you get back to cooler weather.

  9. You are our #1 participant, never missing, always on time, even when the recipe choice is upside-down for the location and you are on vacation. Make this one again in Canada!


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