French Fridays: Buckwheat polenta with braised greens from My Paris Kitchen

Buckwheat polenta with braised greens from My Paris Kitchen on eatlivetravelwrite.comThis week’s  Cook the Book Fridays recipe from David Lebovitz’s My Paris Kitchen was a perfect lunch for one on a busy weekend recently. I’m a fan of eggs for lunch on the weekend, especially if I haven’t had time to eat a decent breakfast, and this was a nice variation on eggs on toast which it typically what I’ll prepare.

David’s recipe calls for polenta (not the quick cooking kind) mixed with a little buckwheat but since I discovered that I only had the quick cooking polenta and I was halving the recipe, I didn’t fuss with cooking buckwheat and adding 1 tablespoon. I’m sure it would have added some nice texture but I personally  thought it was fine without. Using what I had on hand, I cooked up some arugula for my bitter greens and then sautéed some mushrooms in a little butter in place of the sausage called for in the recipe. I added a soft boiled egg as I actually prefer them to poached eggs. Polenta was cheesy enough so I skipped the cheese garnish. Not quite David’s recipe but a fab, warming weekend lunch with a difference and one I’ll remember as a good way to use up what I have in the kitchen.

Get the recipe for David Lebovitz’s buckwheat polenta with braised greens on p 158-159 of My Paris Kitchen.


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7 thoughts on “French Fridays: Buckwheat polenta with braised greens from My Paris Kitchen”

  1. I enjoyed this recipe and yours looks great with the mushrooms. I hope to try a repeat using the mushroom topping as David suggests. This is the type of recipe that can go many different ways depending on your ingredients, you just can’t go wrong.

  2. Your own version of comfort food! I like the idea of adding mushrooms, maybe even with the sausage. I did poach the eggs, but often use fried or soft-boiled instead. As long as the yolk is runny, I find them more-or-less interchangeable.


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