Les Petits Chefs cook from Best of Bridge’s Sunday Suppers!

This fall has been a bumper crop for new cookbooks (the stacks in my living room, office and bedroom are constant reminders of this!) and one I was particularly looking forward to seeing was Best of Bridge‘s latest, Sunday Suppers. There’s been a big push recently in online publications, the Food Revolution movement, cookbooks and even some supermarket campaigns to get people back to gathering around the table for a family meal and this book is a great example of that:

Best of Bridge has always been about home entertaining, inviting people in and feeding them well. It doesn’t have to be extravagant — it could be pizza or taco night. Whether you love to spend the day creating in the kitchen or need some simple ideas that will bring family back around the table, this collection of recipes celebrates what’s on the table and who’s around it.

As I flipped through the book, what I noticed immediately (apart from its iconic spiral binding which makes it super user friendly in the kitchen), was how simple many of the recipes are and I got to thinking they’d be perfect to cook with the Petits Chefs. With Canadian Thanksgiving coming up this weekend, I thought a couple of the recipes were perfect to teach the boys, in the hopes that they might be inspired to cook something over a long weekend where family meals are a focus. My eye was drawn to the recipes for Roasted Butternut Squash Ravioli and the Browned Butter Blondies – both completely do-able (with a little day-before prep in the case of the roasted squash) in our one hour class.

Kids working with roasted squash on eatlivetravewrite.comI roasted the squash the night before so it was easy to work with. We mixed in the ricotta and the other filling ingredients and the boys got to work making ravioli. It’s really simple with wonton wrappers and the boys have made dumplings many times before so I barely had to even show them, much less supervise them at work…

Kids working with wonton wrappers to make ravioli on eatlivetravewrite.com Kids making roasted squash ravioli on eatlivetravewrite.com Kids making wonton wrapper ravioli on eatlivetravewrite.com Kids make roasted squash ravioli on eatlivetravewrite.comPretty perfect work, huh?

We boiled these gently to cook them (the boys did this mostly on their own too!) and, because I was paranoid about the dumplings sticking to each other, we laid them out so they weren’t touching. Sadly we only have three working electrical outlets at the moment and so I wasn’t able to get a sauce made, or even pop them in some warmed browned butter with a little sage as I like to serve them..

Ravioli with roasted squash from Best of Bridge Sunday Suppers on eatlivetravewrite.comNone of these even fell apart (which is amazing and  testament to the boys’ great work!) but they DID stick a little to the plates 🙁 Noone seemed to mind too much and many of these were eaten immediately but there was a little extra fibre on some of them 😉 In any case, this is about education, not perfection; the journey not the destination and I know all those boys could absolutely make this dish on their own now so that’s a total win in my book.

Meanwhile on the other side of the lab we had a small group of boys working with my little toaster oven on a batch of blondies…

Kids making blondies on eatlivetravewrite.com Kids measuring vanilla for blondies on eatlivetravewrite.com Stirring ingredients into wet making blondies on eatlivetravewrite.comI found a few sad looking chocolate chips in the pantry and felt they needed using up. The boys agreed 😉

Adding chocolate chips to blondie mixture on eatlivetravelwrite.com Stirring chocolate chips into blondie batter on eatlivetravewrite.comWe baked these up in two loaf pans and I showed the boys how to place some parchment in the pan so they would be easy to remove once baked.

Blondie batter going into baking tins on eatlivetravewrite.com Dividing blondie batter on eatlivetravewrite.comThey baked up beautifully and puffy…

Blondies from Best of Bridge's Sunday Suppers on eatlivetravewrite.comBut sadly were not ready at this stage (toaster ovens can be unpredictable…). I popped them back in and they went from being beautifully golden to being a little on the *crispy* side. In any case, they were not able to be cut and served at the end of the hour so I promised the boys a snack the following day.

Chocolate chip blondies from Best of Bridge Sunday Suppers on eatlivetravewrite.comThese were delivered during morning homeform and I know for a fact that many of them didn’t even make it out to recess that morning, let alone home!

I’m looking forward to making both these recipes for myself in a real kitchen but I’m really pleased the boys got a chance to cook from this book. Two fabulous recipes that are absolutely kid-friendly (to make and eat!) – what could be better than gathering around a table with food cooked by your kids?

Watch out for a full review of Sunday Suppers, coming soon!

Best of Bridge Sunday Suppers on eatlivetravelwrite.com


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