French Fridays: Mushroom and bacon clafoutis

Mushroom and Bacon Clafoutis by Mardi Michels eatlivetravelwrite.comI’m happy to be a guest over on Mushrooms Canada, sharing a dish inspired by my summers in France – clafoutis but unlike the prune and Armagnac version I shared recently, this one is savoury! It’s been really hot lately here in the Southwest which means eating lighter and later, once the sun has gone down. I’m always looking for something a little more substantial than cheese and charcuterie boards (which, although amazing, tend to grow old after a few straight days of eating “bits and pieces” for dinner!) and this summer, I’ve fallen in love with savoury clafoutis. Clafou-what?

Clafoutis is a dish that is typically sweet – fruit (generally cherries), baked in custard that hails from the Limousin region of France. But recently, I’ve re-discovered savoury versions (I’ve made a few before but not for ages). Our local butcher in France also sells a small variety of prepared dishes and on my second day here, severely jetlagged and sleep deprived, I was searching for something quick to prepare that, well I didn’t have to prepare and a zucchini clafoutis caught my eye. I was pleasantly surprised with the high ratio of vegetables to custard and how it was so tasty both warmed up and cold.

I immediately began experimenting and it’s become my “go to” for light dinners that pair beautifully with fresh vegetables or salads. It’s also a no-fuss meal that comes together in minutes and doesn’t require the oven to be on for hours so it checks all the boxes in the “summer dinner” category. For this post I’m sharing a favourite flavour combination – mushrooms and bacon with just a touch of cheese. For a gluten-free version, you could use GF flour and to make this vegetarian, simply sub in another vegetable, diced small, for the bacon. Once you’ve made one of these, the possibilities (both sweet and savoury) are endless!

Click here to get the recipe for my Mushroom and Bacon Clafoutis over on Mushrooms Canada.

Bacon and Mushroom Clafoutis on eatlivetravelwrite.comBon appétit and happy (French) Friday!

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