French Fridays: Wheat berry salad from My Paris Kitchen

David Lebovitz wheat berry salad image on eatlivetravelwrite.comThis week’s Cook the Book Fridays recipe from David Lebovitz’ My Paris Kitchen was one I’d really been looking forward to. David’s wheat berry salad with roasted rood vegetables, charred radicchio and pomegranate seeds with a zingy citrys dressing is the type of salad that I absolutely love – it’s colourful and full of goodness (Dad, if you’re reading, this is definitely an “exciting salad” 😉 ) and super easy to make.

When I lived in France in the 1990s, I was addicted to a product called Ebly. I knew it was some sort of wheat product (from blé = wheat) but I’d never eaten anything like it growing up in Australia. Now if only Wikipedia had been around then, I’d have been able to learn that:

In France, cooked durum wheat berries are commonly eaten as a side dish instead of rice or corn. This side dish is often called Ebly, from the name of the first brand of prepared wheat berries.

Ok maybe that might not have shed much light on the subject because I’d never eaten a wheat berry before I lived in France but at least I’d be able to tell people what it was. “Some kind of wheat” wasn’t exactly the most enlightening description  😉 In any case, I was also eating quinoa back then too (WAY before it became the in thing everywhere else) but I’ve always preferred what I now know are called wheat berries. They just feel more substantial.

I really loved this salad – I made half the recipe (so, enough for around 3 lunches for me – David was right that a splash of lemon juice perked this up the day after it was made) because I conveniently happened to have the right amount of butternut squash on hand but the recipe says you can use other root vegetables too. This was excellent as it was, I felt – I love the colours and varied textures (the crunch of the pomegranate seeds!) but next time, I might add some crumbled goat cheese or feta too.

David Lebovitz wheat berry salad from My Paris Kitchen image on eatlivetravelwrite.comGet the recipe for David Lebovitz’s wheat berry salad on p 240 of My Paris Kitchen.


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20 thoughts on “French Fridays: Wheat berry salad from My Paris Kitchen”

  1. Interesting read. I was lucky to have found wheat berries on my first expedition, otherwise it would have been pearl barley for me! Rather filling this salad on its own, kept me going for the rest of the day! Some added cheese sounds good to me too!

  2. I loved this salad also although I had to use farro. No wheat berry in the three stores I use on the Central Coast. What’s up with that. I will find it and try it because of your recommendation. I read a blog of David’s that provided all kinds of variations. Feta was one of his suggestions also. Nice post.

  3. Mardi, as you know, I still consider ‘exciting salad’ to be oxymoronic. But, OK, have to grant you this looks good.

  4. That salad looks perfect, and we thought it was so delicious. Perfect for a summer cookout since
    it has no mayo in it.

  5. This salad is exciting (though my Dad would probably agree with yours on the general concept), isn’t it? I’m glad to have something like this in the fridge at this time of year, when winter produce is waning and spring has not yet arrived (even in Vancouver this year).

  6. I love all the colors, especially your blue pot. Great idea to add feta or goat cheese, will give that a try.


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