French Fridays: Scalloped potatoes with blue cheese and roasted garlic from My Paris Kitchen

David Lebovitz scalloped potatoes with blue cheese and roasted garlic on eatlivetravelwrite.comThis week’s Cook the Book Fridays recipe from David Lebovitz’ My Paris Kitchen is classic French comfort food with a twist. David’s taken scalloped potatoes and added a bit of blue cheese and infused the cream with roasted garlic.

It’s a really simple dish – you roast the garlic in the oven, add it to the cream, then layer the potatoes with chives and blue cheese until your baking dish is full. Then you pour over the warmed garlic cream and bake for an hour. Simple! I made half the quantity of the recipe for four serves and whilst I was a bit worried about the amount of liquid (I am not a fan of liquidy scalloped or gratin potatoes), it was fine. I made this earlier in the day and by the time it came to dinner, the whole dish had “settled” a bit and the liquid had soaked in even more to the potatoes so it wasn’t as sloppy as I feared.

We LOVED this dish (it’s kind of like an adult version of the scalloped potato dish I’m working on for my own book so I was super interested to see how this version worked!) and I’ll definitely take the time to roast more garlic in the future – it really does add an extra dimension to this (or any) dish.

Get the recipe for David Lebovitz’s scalloped potatoes with blue cheese and roasted garlic here on p 211 of My Paris Kitchen.


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32 thoughts on “French Fridays: Scalloped potatoes with blue cheese and roasted garlic from My Paris Kitchen”

  1. Looking good! Roasting heads of garlic is not something I would remember when I am baking something else with my oven; but will remember it next time! Yes, that garlic cream is delish!

  2. Like you I was a little concerned with it being loose, or too runny, but i was really pleased to see how it had thickened up. This was so delicious. Every ingredient contributed to this being one giant umami bomb!

  3. Such an honor for you that David liked your blog, that is great. This was a wonderfully delicious
    recipe that I halved for the two of us, but when the kids come over I would love to serve the whole recipe. Either way it will be repeated.

  4. Your dish looks lovely! I’ll be interested in seeing “your” version too. This was seriously delicious. I agree about the garlic, though I cheated with my roasted garlic from Penzey’s. It was a gift, but it is seriously a great cheat. Loved this! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I’m looking forward to making this for our next post along with the dessert tart. Doubling down to catch up. Your version looks delicious. Love scalloped potatoes but with the blue cheese and roasted garlic, it should be even better.

  6. Pretty much every point you made in this post I agree with: don’t prefer runny gratins but this one turned out fine; loved the garlic; made a half recipe, etc.

    Your photo is absolutely gorgeous!!

  7. I go through phases of having roasted garlic on hand and then I forget about it – this has reminded me to start roasting it regularly again. Everything I’ve heard so far about your cookbook sounds wonderful. I’m glad it’s coming together so well for you!

  8. Your dish looks great, and the scalloped serving spoon is a nice addition. I too loved this dish,but will parboil my potatoes next time, they were a little hard.


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