French Fridays: Saturday morning market in Nérac

Le Pain at Nerac Market on eatlivetravelwrite.comI’m en route home via a couple of days in Toulouse (eh oui, the holidays are coming to an end – there is work to resume in a few weeks and, well, a cookbook to write!) so for French Fridays today I wanted to share something that’s been a big part of my summer.

Melange declasse at the Nerac market on eatlivetravelwrite.comAt the beginning of the summer I committed to filming bits and pieces of my summer life in France (and along the Camino) and I’ve come away with a ton of video footage to play with over the next few months. A lot of that footage has been in markets and while it’s tempting to make jazzy videos with special sound effects and music, I’m kind of enjoying the “real” feel of my videos un-edited – where you can hear the sounds of the market – for me it brings the whole scene to life much more.

Chez Chapolard at nerac marketThe market I have spent by far the most time this summer has been my “local” – the Nérac Saturday morning market (which I’ve written about before and which many of you who follow me on Instagram will definitely recognise!). People who are lucky enough to stay at our vacation rental property in the heart of Nérac are a 5 minute walk from all of this – year round!

Artichokes at Nerac Market on eatlivetravelwrite.comHere’s a little taste of an August market morning in Nérac – enjoy!

Happy (French) Friday!

8 thoughts on “French Fridays: Saturday morning market in Nérac”

  1. I could watch videos of farmers’ markets full of gorgeous produce every day. Thanks for sharing your local – you’ve found a really wonderful corner of France to settle in.

  2. What lovely photos – you have transported me back to my time on Italy and the incredible markets there. There really isn’t anything better than European market and all the different varieties of fruits and vegetables that we don’t see in Canada.


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