Mushroom bourguignon vol au vents you feel it? Spring is kinda sorta in the air, although old lady Winter is keen to show her face until the very last minute with this week’s dump of snow and freezing rain. Those of us in Canada sure are ready for spring! I’m not quite ready to give up comfort foods though – it’s still too cold! – but I’m making an effort to lighten them up these two chicken parmentiers (shepherd’s pies) are a great example.

For my most recent assignment for Mushrooms Canada, I took a classic comfort food dish – Beef Bourguignon – and lightened it up by taking out the meat to create a rich-tasting but not heavy mushroom bourguignon. And instead of serving it in a bowl over egg noodles (which would be delicious, by the way!), I served in mini vol au vent shells as an easy and elegant appetizer! A hint of spring but comforting enough for the last days of winter!

Get the recipe for Mushroom Vol au Vent over on the Mushrooms Canada blog!

4 thoughts on “Mushroom bourguignon vol au vents”

  1. This is such a wonderful way to introduce spring, even in these cold days of winter. We’re all ready for it! I love the creativity in this recipe, it’ll certainly be on to impress with!! Thanks for sharing Mardi…


  2. These were supremely tasty – and light. (Shockingly, they even held up to a rewarming in microwave at work canteen following day!)

    The earthiness of the mushrooms I paired with a Pinot Noir. In this case, it was a nice wee number from Ontario, aged six years. Nice acidity and a perfect match. Was hard for us not to finish the bottle off! 😉


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