French Fridays with Dorie: Cabbage and Foie Gras Bundles

Dorie Greenspan cabbage and foie gras bundles on I’ll be quick today since I’ve got 10 million things (only a *slight* exaggeration!) to do before I take off for Paris tonight (including, you know, teaching a full day!). We’re coming to the end of our French Fridays with Dorie project working our way through Around my French Table. Which means that in a couple of months we will have cooked every recipe in the book :0 What it also means is that we have ended up with a slightly rag-tag bunch of recipes to see us across the finish line. Like, ahem, terrine de foie gras bundles up in cabbage leaves and steamed. Um, yeah, right? This was not difficult so not sure why we hadn’t picked it before. Well I do, actually the foie – it’s expensive and many people don’t like it.

Fortunately for Neil and me, we like foie so it wasn’t that. It just sounded odd. And then we couldn’t find what we thought were many terrines de foie gras that we (thought we had) tucked away in the pantry. And then the one I did find had settled oddly in the jar so it was less “slice-able” and more spreadable. Hmmm. It was strange – boiled Nappa cabbage leaves with a bit of the terrine tucked inside and steamed. I like both the foods in this dish, just not together…  I wondered if a different type of terrine would make any difference but Mr Neil didn’t seem to think that a “bloc” of foie would have changed his mind on this dish. It’s honestly the first dish from Around my French Table that he hasn’t thought worked. I mean, he ate it but only because he was hungry.  And while I will happily eat terrine de foie gras on toast or crackers, and love Nappa cabbage leaves in my stir fries, I don’t think I will be putting them again together…

Cabbage and foie gras bundles from Around my French Table on for

Get Dorie Greenspan’s recipe for cabbage and foie gras bundles on page 193 of Around my French Table.

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28 thoughts on “French Fridays with Dorie: Cabbage and Foie Gras Bundles”

  1. Yeah, this wasn’t quite as epic as the salmon in a jar; but it just wasn’t working for me.
    I like foie gras – but I could not wrap my mind around this one.

    Beautiful presentation and have a lovely trip!

  2. I love your expression, no make-ups to make. This was unusual and different that’s for
    sure. Enjoy your trip.

  3. Okay yes, I am sorry to say this was a decided #fail for Mr. Neil.

    I DID even try and prop it up with a glass of 2001 Sauternes (yes, such if the life Chez Westminster). All that left me feeling was that I should stick to the glass.


  4. I will say that your plating is very pretty and the wrapped cabbage leaves look inviting. Still, this would have been a tough one for me to make (and, eat). Just couldn’t justify the cost. Had no one to share it with either. Have a fabulous time in Paris. Enjoy your well-deserved break.

  5. Like you, I like both ingredients, but I wasn’t impressed by putting them together. It was edible, but definitely not something I’ll be repeating. Have a great time in Paris (as if there is any doubt…)

  6. So impressive – your track record if not the recipe 🙂 It is fantastic that you have no make ups to do and given how you knocked out this recipe even with all on your plate, it is easy to see your discipline. So happy for you to be heading to France. I look forward to seeing all your photos. Enjoy online !

  7. I hope you are enjoying your time in Paris. Thanks for the information on the beef dish. I wonder are you and Cher in the running for the only members who don’t have a make-up? Impressive.


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