Happy Birthday Dorie: French Fridays bakes from Baking Chez Moi!

It’s a 3 for 1 Dorie post today! Firstly, it’s Dorie’s birthday, so head on over to Twitter and Tweet her a birthday wish

Baking Chez Moi CoverSecondly – her new baking book, Baking Chez Moi comes out next Tuesday! Go – preorder it on on Amazon or Amazon Canada or for free worldwide shipping, buy from The Book Depository.

Thirdly, well, it’s Friday, right? So it’s French Fridays with Dorie as per usual (as we have for the past four years!), with a twist! Today we’re baking from Baking Chez Moi! As of November, I’ll be baking twice a month from the books with the bakers over at Tuesdays with Dorie and I can’t wait! So I was happy to have the opportunity to share some of what I’ve been baking so far….

First up, canelés.  I was absolutely thrilled to see this recipe in Dorie’s book. I will admit to eating a LOT of canelés over the summer (my favourite ones came from Bernard Meysan in Saint-Emilion) and I’ve been meaning to make them for years, ever since I read all Pim’s posts about making canelés (and her success using the silicone molds, as opposed to the copper ones which cost an arm and a leg!). I bought a number of different sized silicone molds to try out (and I had a lengthy email exchange with Dorie and her assistant about which size, which brand etc…) and the ones I recommend are not quite “mini” size – any smaller and they are simply too small and the larger ones are too big (unless they are taking the place of a meal. Ahem.)

Silicone canele molds


Silicone canelé molds on Amazon
Silicone canelé molds on Amazon Canada



I’ll admit to being curious now to try my hand with the copper ones but I need to find someone to borrow them from. I’m pretty happy with the results I got with the silicone but would definitely love to compare.

I made them a few times – in mini mini size:

Dorie Greenspan Caneles from Baking Chez Moi cookbook on eatlivetravelwrite.com(nice caramelization but not even. I found buttering the silicone molds and getting the butter evenly distributed wasn’t easy)

Dorie Greenspan Caneles from Baking Chez Moi on eatlivetravelwrite.comThese were lovely and crispy on the outside, like they should be. But a little too small. Not enough custardy filling…

Next up, I tried the size I will use from now on (the size referenced above)

Caneles on eatlivetravelwrite.comThis batter must have had a little bit too much air in it because there were a few really odd shapes. I’ll know to be more gentle with the batter next time.  In any case, even though the outside wasn’t quite “done” enough (they should be really dark all round), these were tested at a dinner party and went down a treat.

Caneles and a glass of milk on eatlivetravelwrite.comThe tops of these ones never seem to get dark enough either. Research to be continued….

I had a tiny bit of batter leftover – I used it up in the largest molds I own (the mold has 8 cavities) and let it bake a little longer…

Caneles interior on eatlievtravelwrite.comNot the prettiest picture but you can see the caramelization is lovely and dark, though this time the interior is a little overcooked (it should be custardy).  I’m keen to keep trying these as the recipe is dead easy.  Thanks Dorie….

Even though we only had to make one recipe this week, how could I go past chocolate profiteroles filled with a mascarpone cream? Right?  Like all choux pastry, they are dead easy to make…

Dorie Greenspan Chocolate profiteroles from Baking Chez Moi on eatlivetravelwrite.comBefore they were completely baked, I was worried that they would not rise (they took longer to start *doing* something than regular choux) but they came through at the end…

Baked chocolate profiteroles from Baking Chez Moi on eatlivetravelwrite.com And filled with a lovely light mascarpone cream, they are, indeed, irresistible…

Mascarpone filled chocolate profiteroles from Baking Chez Moi on eatlivetravelwrite.com… even if some of them do look like Smurf hats…

Chocolate cream puffs from Baking Chez Moi on eatlivetravelwrite.comI’m so happy to share these recipes today – they seem a fitting contribution to Dorie’s virtual birthday celebration!

My fellow Doristas have also baked for Dorie today – check their posts out (and keep scrolling down for a worldwide giveaway!)

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A Baking Chez Moi giveaway (worldwide!)

That’s right, thanks to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, I have a copy of Baking Chez Moi to give away and because the shipping is on me, I’m happy to send it anywhere in the world!

To enter, simply leave a comment on this post telling me which of the four recipes we had to choose from this week you’d like to try first and why?

For a bonus entry, tweet the following message: Win a copy of  @doriegreenspan ‘s #BakingChezMoi from @HMHCooks + @eatlivtravwrite ! Details: http://bit.ly/1wnGHQE

then come back to leave me a comment on this post telling me you did.

Eligibility and contest rules

  • Open to to readers anywhere in the world.
  • No purchase of any product necessary for entry.
  • Winner will be chosen using Random.org from all qualified entries on Wednesday October 29th 2014 after 6pm EST.
  • Winner will be contacted via email on Thursday October 30th 2014 and will have 48 hours to respond the the email.


Disclosure: I received an advance copy of Dorie’s Baking Chez Moi for review purposes from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. I was not asked to write about this book, nor am I being compensated for doing do. I mean, when you’ve cooked and baked every week from Dorie’s Around my French Table since October 2010, it’s pretty obvious that you don’t need much persuading, right?  😉



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70 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dorie: French Fridays bakes from Baking Chez Moi!”

  1. I need to buy a silicone cannele mold so I can try the real McCoy! Though the larger ones I made were a hit. And your cream puffs look divine!!!

  2. I’d like to make the caneles because the carmelization on the outside and the custards inside sound like such a wonderful combination.

  3. I’d try making the Chocolate Cream Puffs with Mascarpone Filling. I used to make cream puffs for my family when I was a teenager but haven’t done it since then. Have also shared this delicious competition with the twitterverse.

  4. Was delighted Mardi decided to experiment with canelés – one of my favourite French delectables.

    Of course, as with maracon, Mardi will tell you I’m a pretty demanding critic, spoiled as I am.

    Agree the teeny ones were a bust. Have enjoyed the various iterations with the medium-sized molds.

    Congrats on the new book, Dorie: and thanks for all the great meals you’ve brought into my home. (And now desserts, too!) 🙂

  5. hi Mardi! And Happy birthday Dorie!!!!! I would probably try the brown butter peach torte – that sounds right in my wheelhouse. Great post and week for French Fridays! I miss u guys and try to always follow along even if I not cooking!

  6. I would make the chocolate profiteroles filled with a mascarpone cream. They look delicious and remind me of baking with my mom. She made the most delicious profiteroles with a vanilla custard and chocolate for dessert when we had company. Great memories. Perhaps we should make chocolate profiteroles filled with a mascarpone cream for our family Thanksgiving gathering.

  7. Wow, Mardi! Thanks for the tutorial! I was really intimidated by the caneles, but am so encouraged by your post, so I think this is the first recipe I would try. I’m off to order the molds. And your cream puffs are perfection! It’s been an amazing journey so far! And I’m really looking forward to working through Baking Chez Moi as well!

  8. Canele would be my choice….they have been on my list forever and I know with Dorie’s help I will have success

  9. Happy birthday Dorie! I’d love to make any of these, but would probably start with the cream puffs–I really need to broaden out my cream puff game! This post has got me looking at canele molds, though…

  10. Absolute perfection, Mardi! Both with your canneles and cream puffs look gorgeous! I can’t wait to give Dories mascarpone filling a try! It looks divine! Happy Friday!

  11. Definitely the chocolate profiteroles! I’ve made the gougeres from Around My French Table and they are delicious and easy, so I’m looking forward to a sweetened version!

  12. What an amazing giveaway! WORLDWIDE! You rock! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

    What? Dorie has birthday today? Then I must wish her all the best immediately via facebook! Thanks for the reminder! Also, I found your blog because she posted about it (does it mean she can also win the book? heheh nay, I guess, she has some copies already. 😉 )

    This book is the only thing on my Christmas wishlist so it would be a great surprise to win it! 🙂 Can´t wait for the release!!!!

    Canelés? I´ve never heard of them but they look yummy! Love trying out new recipes!

    Melinda from Germany

  13. I have been dying to tackle canneles for years! I love the technique involved and would like to master something so intensive 🙂

  14. Yum, those caneles look absolutely delicious and I’m guessing that I would have picked them had I owned a mold. But alas, I have neither silicone nor copper in my cupboard. Sounds like this is a serious problem which requires fixing.

  15. The caneles! It is funny, I have avoided them forever and would have absolutely gone with the chocolate profiteroles with mascarpone (YUM) – but after reading this I must try the caneles!

  16. I would have to say the canelés; I’ve seen them in other cookbooks, but have never attempted them (and the copper molds are so cute!) Would LOVE to win as cookbook budget is very tight!

  17. Fabulous post ! Loved all the info and photos of the cannelés. I was luckily (for me) blind to the backstory on the different techniques or I may have been put off from trying them. They were lovely. And those chocolate profiteroles are stunning. I can not wait to try them too….or the rest of the book !

  18. Mardi, it’s so good to know that the “small” pan is the right size, yes? I agonized over which size to make and I can see how the slightly bigger ones really capitalize on that lovely center–such great photos! Oh, and the profiteroles! Yum!

  19. Mini caneles, of COURSE! I was gifted a dozen copper ones from Mora in Paris (lucky me) several years ago but haven’t tried using them yet. I even found a local source for food-grade organic beeswax – I just needed a trusty recipe, and who better than Dorie to show the way?? I can’t wait to try this one out!!

  20. If I’d had a mold, I would have chosen the caneles. In fact, I just added your recommended mold to my Amazon wish list.
    Both your choices look spectacular. Dorie would be proud of your creations. I’m not so into cream puffs but you make the chocolate ones look enticing.

  21. Your canelé research sounds like a very delicious endeavour. And they all look beautiful so far. The cream puffs are amazing – I’m especially looking forward to trying those some time, too.

    It’s been a great four years, hasn’t it? I’m looking forward to getting started on the new book and I’m glad we’ve had this opportunity to wish Dorie a happy Birthday and celebrate her wonderful work.

  22. Both your canneles and choux buns look fabulous Mardi! I used the large silicone cannel mould because that’s the one I bought, and even that was hard to find. Canneles are not mainstream here yet, though one girl at work knew what they were as there is apparently a French patissiere at Prahran market who sells them. I love your experiments with differentt sizes.

  23. I wish I had your email exchange. I bought the way too small ones from Amazon, received them and thought they looked like teensy, so I ordered the biggest size which looked too big. Guess I’ll order the size you are showing now.

    Your Canneles are stunning – wish you were closer so I could take a lesson! By chance are you planning any trips to Palm Springs???

  24. Ohhhh, those cream puffs. Just gorgeous. It’s 10:45pm in Colorado and I’m hungry! Thanks for the canelés lesson and showing your various tests and trials. I have a mini-bundt mold like Liz’s so will give that a whirl before I invest in molds. I’m not sure I’ve ever had one. How many times have I been to France??? I will be joining you to bake through Chez Moi. After looking through the book, I honestly believe Dorie does it – she’s made the directions easy enough that any average baker can turn out a nice product. That isn’t easy to do with French pastries, etc. Have loved getting to know you and spending Fridays with you, Mardi.

  25. I’ve never had a chocolate batter puff – only chocolate creme filled. YUM!

    I have enjoyed reading about all the trial and error that goes into baking the cannelés. I just wish we would have had a P&Q for these. And that I hadn’t left the baking for literally the last minute.

    After looking at the custardy insides of your tall cannelés (and with the image of my mini bundt cannelés burned in my mind) I wonder how much ‘filling’ would the mini bundts really have if baked to the right color.

    Thanks for the encouragement!

  26. After seeing your photos I can’t wait for that book to come. This was a great project, thanks
    to Liz and Susan, and it worked perfectly. I can’t wait to try my hand at those cream puffs,

  27. I need to try the chocolate cream puffs! I’m adding them to my list for my choux pastry day thats soon arriving… 🙂 all the choux pastries from AMFT at once! It’s going to be a tasty day!!

    I love how much easier you make this recipe seem, definitely making it! And how lovely of you to be giving away a copy of BCM!

  28. Oh I am dying to have a copy of this book! I would definitely like to bake the cannelés b/c they are my FIL’s favorite dessert – he introduced me to them when we first arrived here in France 11 years ago and I have always wanted to try to bake them at home. Thanks Mardi! PS going to RT the give-away for an extra chance to win. 🙂

  29. Very educational post on caneles. I am going to make the chocolate cream puffs next because who doesn’t love chocolate and cream puffs. I am glad that my palets de dames came out perfect. I am also looking forward to cooking with the group twice a week.

  30. I just tweeted the message for a chance to win Baking Chez Moi. The chocolate cream puffs would be my first choice to bake because they look so cute and scrumptious. Happy Birthday, Dorie!

  31. Me…..because they have so far been overlooked – I’m going with the Palets de Dames. Plus you can’t beat a cookie to grab and eat on the run if needed 🙂

    However, I’ve just finished googling cannelé moulds – because everyone should have a set in the cake tin cupboard alongside the umteen dozen tins, trays and moulds already living there!!!

  32. Chocolate profiteroles filled with a mascarpone cream makes me mouth-watering. It’ll definitely be on my Halloween party table this year. Thanks for sharing.

  33. I would try the caneles first. I had my first one at Christian Faure when I was in Montreal and it was absolutely delicious. It would be great to figure out how to make them at home and be able to make them for some future dinner guests.

  34. I’d like to try to make the chocolate cream puffs with mascarpone filling I have made eclairs and mastered them so would like to try something a little more difficult and this sounds yummy.

  35. Mardi, both of your treats look amazing!! I have never had a canelle, but am totally intrigued. And the chocolate cream puffs! I love making puffs in general, these look like they could be a lot of fun. I made the palets, and loved them – I can’t wait to get home so that I can bake the 2nd half of the batter!!

    I just got word my book shipped, hopefully waiting for me so that I can look it over this weekend. This was a great start. As much as I don’t need any more desserts in my life, I can’t resist baking through this book too!

  36. Holy comments, lady! This is one party that it doesn’t pay to be late to 🙂
    Your canneles are a perfect as I expected them to & it looks like your puffs came out perfectly in spite of your initial concerns.

    Here’s to the next round of cooking, er baking!

  37. Thanks for your mould recommendations, Mardi! If I buy two of the size you recommend, would I use up the whole recipe or would I have leftover batter?

  38. I’d like to try the chocolate profiteroles first, because, well, because they’re profiteroles and they’re chocolate! That filling sounds luscious too.


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