Kids in the kitchen for Food Revolution Day and beyond!

Kids Chopping asparagus on eatlivetravelwrite.comGetting kids cooking and eating “real food” and food education is something I am passionate about.

Kids measuring flour scoop and sweep on eatlivetravelwrite.comFrom my work with Les Petits Chefs and Cooking Basics – the after school cooking clubs I have been running for a few years now…

Making Jamie Oliver's cheat's pizza dough in a frying pan on… to my volunteer work as a Food Revolution Day Ambassador for Toronto…

Kids putting Mozarella on pizzas on eatlivetravelwrite.comgetting kids excited about food is something I have been working at for the past few years now – ever since I first heard Jamie Oliver speak in Toronto back in 2009. I love that the message he was promoting back then is consistent with today’s message.

Kids making Empanada dough on eatlivetravelwite.computting the filling in empanadas on eatlivetravelwrite.comSo it’s not without a touch of pride that I am thrilled to announce my first post on JamieOliver.Com was published this week!

Getting kids excited about food for Food Revolution Day and beyond by Mardi Michels on JamieOliver.ComClick over to read my first piece – Getting kids excited for Food Revolution Day (and beyond) – I’m sharing ways to get involved in Food Revolution Day this year as well as tips and tricks for getting kids excited about food every day.



Let’s ALL get kids excited about food on May 16th 2014 – Food Revolution Day! Check out all the details on how you can participate here.


8 thoughts on “Kids in the kitchen for Food Revolution Day and beyond!”

  1. I read your article on Jamie’s site and it was wonderful! I’m so happy for you that you are part of his blogging team. If anyone has the expertise to write about cooking with kids it is certainly you Mardi. Sincere best wishes with this newest assignment of yours.

  2. Ooo, is it Food revolution day already again! Almost missed it so thanks for pointing that out. Checking out the details soon. Congratulations too on your publication at! How cool is that?
    I love Jamie and his never ending passion…


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