Les Petits Chefs make Jamie Oliver’s flatbread and dips

Flatbread, sweet potato hummus and yoghurt dip on eatlivetravelwrite.comHealthy snacking. It IS possible and you CAN make your snacks from scratch, cheaper and healthier than store-bought versions. That was the lesson I wanted to teach Les Petits Chefs this week – inspired by this article by Ren Behan over on JamieOliver.com about bread, pizza and pasta with kids. Ever since I read her post, I really wanted to try making flatbreads with the boys and I thought what better companion to flatbread than dips? know the boys love dips and I figured it was a great opportunity to show them how easy homemade dips are (and sssh – much healthier, since you know exactly what’s going into them!). I chose a simple yoghurt dip and a hummus inspired by Jamie Oliver’s butternut squash hummus in Save with Jamie.

We started out making the flatbreads… Measuring, weighing, blitzing in the food processor…

Measuring ingredients for Jamie Oliver flatbreads on eatlivetravelwrite.comIt’s an interesting dough with just four ingredients: Greek yoghurt, flour, baking powder and salt… Miss Carter helped the dough “come together” once it came out of the food processor and divided it up between the boys…

Making Jamie Oliver flatbreads on eatlivetravelwrite.comAnd then they got rolling…

Rolling flatbread on eatlivetravelwrite.com Rolling Jamie Oliver Flatbreads on eatlivetravelwrite.comThe boys love their dough 😉 It was all I could do to stop them playing with it while they were waiting for turns with the rolling pins. They seemed intent on adding a lot more flour to their portions and we had a big old chat about what adding more dry ingredients to a dough could do!

Once we’d cleaned up the stations, one group of boys got on with cooking up the flatbreads (and getting the “burny bits” on them – the char marks!) while another got to work on the dips. I’d roasted sweet potatoes on the weekend and had four leftover which I thought would be a great substitute for roasted butternut squash so I brought those along and he boys marvelled at how the “ugly squishy things” had beautiful orange flesh inside!

Making Jamie Oliver hummus on eatlivetravelwrite.comLook how beautiful it is! And we made it in about 15 minutes!

Jamie Oliver sweet potato hummus on eatlivetravelwrite.comMeanwhile, over at “team flatbread”…

Cooking flatbreads on eatlivetravelwrite.com(aren’t they gorgeous?)

And back on the other side of the room, our tzatziki-type dip was in progress.

Making Jamie Oliver yoghurt dip on eatlivetravelwrite.comAnd in just under an hour, the guys were on their way, recipes folded and tucked away in their pockets and bags packed with this:

Jamie Oliver sweet potato hummus yoghurt dip and flatbreads on eatlivetravelwrite.comHealthy, homemade snacks. That were fun to make and tasted great.  Real food for the win.

You can find a version of Jamie’s tzatziki on JamieOliver.com, the flatbread recipe is on Jamie’s Home Cooking Skills site and a version of sweet potato hummus similar to the one we made on WholeLiving.com (or if you have Save with Jamie, you can find that recipe on p46).


13 thoughts on “Les Petits Chefs make Jamie Oliver’s flatbread and dips”

  1. Mardi this is so impressive!

    Not only is it simple, but it looks so delicious too. It’s so fantastic that you’re teaching these kids these things – I wish I’d been taught things like this when I was young!

    You’re doing such a wonderful thing for these boys! What an inspiration!

    – Taryn Elise xx

  2. This is fantastic! I want to print off this entire post and give it to my boys to make these recipes for themselves. Or I might just make it all today and have it ready for after school. Great job as always!!


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