French Fridays with Dorie: Financiers

French Fridays with Dorie financiers Around my French Table Dorie GreenspanThis week’s French Fridays with Dorie recipe (Financiers, p 454) is a recipe I’ll use again and again – it’s so easy, tastes good and looks good. I mean really, what more could you ask of a dainty French treat?

DOrie Greenspan financiers French Fridays with Dorie Around my French TableI don’t have financier pans (what IS the matter with me?) Fortunately I’m spending the summer in Paris again and can envisage exactly where to go in E. Dehillerin to find one…. Ahem…  You can make financiers in the proper shaped molds or alternatively, as I most often do, mini muffin molds I baked these up in small cupcake liners and they were perfect – a one bite treat that I added one raspberry and a couple of slivers of almonds to (you can see how small they are from how much room the raspberry takes up…) for some visual and textural appeal.

Around my French Table financiers Dorie Greenspan French Fridays with DorieThese little cakes are made with butter (I made browned butter as per Dorie’s instructions), sugar, egg whites, almond flour and a little regular flour, these are simple to whip up and the batter rests in the fridge for 1 hour to up to a day. It was pretty thick after a night in the fridge so I piped my mixture into the cupcake liners. I added the fruit and almonds but you can serve them plain too.

Dorie Greenspan Around my French Table financiers for French Fridays with DoriePerfect with a morning or afternoon coffee – not too sweet and just right in size 🙂 These go on my list of  “the staffroom would love them” treats 😉

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18 thoughts on “French Fridays with Dorie: Financiers”

  1. So pretty, Mardi 🙂

    I am having writer’s block, so hopefully will post later today… After staring at a draft for an hour last night, I gave up…

    Have a great time with the conference.I know you’ve put a lot of work into that one. So awesome!

  2. You and I went the mini-muffin route with raspberries. Yours look darling with their little paper skirts. Perhaps E. Dehillerin should be a stop for me also next month. I hadn’t made beurre noisette for a long time so was glad to be reminded how much complexity it adds to a recipe. I know you’ve worked like crazy to pull off this “first” so will be thinking of you during this upcoming successful week-end. I have really, really, really admired Jamie Oliver ever since I listened to his Ted talk – even have his latest cookbook. Verrrryyyy British.

  3. Interesting about how thick it gets in the fridge. I didn’t chill my batter… curious. Love your touch of confectionary sugar.. they make think of a light Spring snow.

  4. These are good in any shape. They look adorable Mardi! I made them in mini muffin molds without the liners, but next time I will use them, it makes it so easy to clean! Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Beautiful financiers-love the mini white liners and the pop of red color from the raspberries!
    Good luck with your conference this weekend;-)

  6. Have fun at the conference! I can’t believe how much time that must take. And here I thought I was too busy! Great job! I love these easy bite-sized treats so was glad I found the few minutes to make them…on time this week!

  7. This is one of my favorite sweets and yours are especially charming, Mardi! Love the addition of slivered almonds — I bet that added a lovely crunch.

  8. OH my! I just returned from my first trip to France… accompanied by 40 high school students and 10 other adults. Can you say whirlwind? Exhaustion? Jet lag? Not enough room in luggage to bring back proper “souvenirs”? Yes, I do believe a little shopping is needed at home… to pick up this lovely recipe book. We are simply craving French baking… especially financiers & macarons. (i’ll leave pain aux chocolat to the professionals for now….)

    Thank you for sharing and for your tips! (however i could cry because i accidentally left my lentilles de puy somewhere in france…. they are my favorite lentil! i’ve been told whole food carries them so we shall see…)

  9. I love the slivers of almonds along side the raspberries. These are perfect for the staffroom, bite size and delicious. Hope the conference was all you hoped for.

  10. Beautiful post, your photo makes me want to try the regular ones and add the almond sliver and raspberry too. Lucky you on spending the summer in Paris, perhaps you need an assistant?


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