Cook it. Share it. Food Revolution Day 2013

Ask me about Food Revolution Day

It’s coming – Food Revolution Day 2013 is less than a month away – this year it’s taking place on May 17th 2013.

What is Food Revolution Day 2013?

Food Revolution Day on May 17th 2013 is a global day of action for people everywhere to come together and stand up for good food and essential cooking skills. It’s a chance for people to come together in homes, schools, workplaces and communities to cook and share their kitchen skills, food knowledge and resources. It’s a day for raising awareness about the importance of good food and better food education for everyone.

Who is Food Revolution Day 2013 for?

Food Revolution Day is for individuals, schools, businesses and organisations  who wish to host or attend FRD activities in their local area on May 17 2013. Check out the Food Revolution Day Activity Guide for loads of help and ideas for hosting an event. If you simply wish to attend an activity near you, visit the interactive activities map to find out where they’re taking place.

Why Food Revolution Day 2013?

Cooking skills used to be passed down from generation to generation, but now millions of people lack even the most basic cooking skills. Food Revolution Day is an opportunity to focus on the importance of good food and essential cooking skills, by rallying our efforts to empower people with better cooking skills and to inspire them to cook fresh food from scratch.

Where is Food Revolution Day 2013 taking place?

On  May 17 2013, Food Revolution Day will happen in kitchens, homes and communities around the world, sparking conversations about real food and inspiring people to take steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

Ok that’s great but how can I get involved in Food Revolution Day 2013?

Check out some great ideas for hosting a Food Revolution Day event here.  Remember – it doesn’t need to be a BIG event – here are some ideas to get involved on a smaller scale.

In schools/ with kids: Bring different fruit and vegetables into class (or into your home) and get kids to taste them and guess what they are. If they’re older children, get them to do a blind taste test. Talk about what fruits and vegetables are in season and discuss why eating seasonally is a good thing – produce tends to be cheaper and tastier, and it’s better for the environment. Share the results via the FRD website and social media using the hashtag #FRD2013. Get some great ideas and top tips for getting your school involved in this short video – and hey, you might just recognise someone there 😉

In the community: Get some great ideas and top tips for getting your community involved in Food Revolution Day on May 17 – whether it’s a community event at the farmers’ market, a cooking demo or a salad disco – in this Food Revolution Google+ Hangout.

At home: Host a potluck dinner and invite your friends to bring a secret ingredient of their choice. If you want to end up with a balanced meal, specify who brings the protein, vegetable or carbohydrate, then let your imaginations run wild.  Check out some more ideas for implementing FRD at home this year on this Google+ hangout. You can then post your recipe and pictures to the FRD website and social media using the hashtag #FRD2013

At work: Rather than buying a supermarket sandwich, bring a toaster and a few fresh loaves of bread to work. Get your colleagues to bring in their favourite sandwich fillings and let them make their own – it’s amazing how much cheaper and tastier it can be. Share your creations through the FRD website and through social media using the hashtag #FRD2013. Click here to get some great ideas and top tips for getting your workplace involved in Food Revolution Day on May 17, from one of the Paris Food Revolution Ambassadors Edouard Morhange (@foodrevparis).

Want to organise your own event, big or small? Click here to see how. Even if you’re hosting a small private event, get it on the map. Stand up. Be counted!

Food Revolution Day sponsors The Kitchen Studio The Cookbook Store Sobeys Yorkshire Valley Farms Mardi MichelsSo, Mardi, what are YOU doing for Food Revolution Day 2013?

I’m so happy to be hosting another “pass it on” cooking class at my school this year (you can read about last year’s class here) and thrilled to have the support of The Kitchen Studio, The Cookbook Store, Sobeys  and Yorkshire Valley Farms for my public parent/ child cooking class to take place Friday May 17th from 5.30 – 8pm. (you can read about last year’s event here). I. Can’t. Wait.


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Remember, all “events” private, public, big or small, will count. We’d love to see you all cooking and sharing on May 17th.

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