Review: The EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale (and a giveaway!)

Eat Smart Precision Pro Kitchen ScaleIf you’ve ever taken a macaron-making class with me, you’ll have heard me going on about how much I love my digital kitchen scale. Honestly, it’s changed the way I cook and bake – rare is a day in my kitchen when I don’t use my scale. Especially for making macarons, precise weight is very important. I have a very old scale feeling a little like it’s on its last legs (its reaction time when you press the buttons is a little delayed) so when the folks at Eat Smart Products asked me if I would like to try the Eat Smart Precision Pro Kitchen Scale, I jumped at the opportunity.

Some of its features include:
1.    Compact Design and Easy Two-Button Operation
2.    Tare Feature; Subtract the weight of any plate or container
3.    4 Measurement Modes: Grams / Ounces / Kilograms / Pounds
4.    Max Weight: 11 pounds / 5 kilograms
5.    Graduation: .05 oz / 1 gram
6.    3 minute Auto-Turnoff
7.    Includes 2 AAA batteries

I’ll say right now that I love the fact that it takes “regular” batteries. I’ve been in the position of being mid-recipe when I realise the battery on my old scale was dying – not the best position to be in, especially when it takes those little watch batteries which I never have on hand around the house. The AAA batteries are a great idea – you can get some very long lasting ones these days too.

It’s definitely compact and has an “all in one” sort of design which is easy to clean (my old scale has a glass tray that is always dirty!). My only complaint, if you could call it that would be its size and that that it feels kinda flimsy. It’s VERY light compared to my other, sturdier-feeling scale and the footprint is slightly small for larger pans and bowls.

For those of you counting calories after the holidays, the scale comes with a “Calorie Factor Booklet” which helps you calculate the calories in a wide range of foods based on their weight (you weigh your food and then multiply by the number in the booklet listed next to that food and voilà, you have the calorie value of that food).  They also include instructions for how to calculate the calories of different sized portions of packaged foods using the nutrition information on the package and the scale. Useful for portion and calorie control, for sure.

Overall I was impressed with the scale, just wish its footprint was a little larger so I really could measure using all my pots, pans and bowls.

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The good news today is that the kind folks at Eat Smart have given me another Eat Smart Precision Pro Kitchen Scale to giveaway to one lucky reader in the US/ Canada (sorry international friends!).

EatSmart Precision Pro - Multifunction Digital Kitchen Scale w/ Extra Large LCD and 11 Lb. CapacityEatSmart Precision Pro - Multifunction Digital Kitchen Scale w/ Extra Large LCD and 11 Lb. Capacity

Eat Smart Precision Pro Kitchen Scale Giveaway

Here’s how to enter:

1. Leave a comment on this post telling me the first thing you would weigh using your new scale.

For a bonus entry:

2. Tweet I entered to win Precision Pro Kitchen Scale from @EatSmartScales and @eatlivtravwrite ! Details here then come back to leave me a separate comment letting me know you did.

Contest closes 6pm EST on Monday, January 21st, 2013.   The winner will be chosen by and announced on the blog on Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013.

Good luck!

Disclosure: I was given one (1) Eat Smart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale for review purposes.  I was not compensated for writing a review, all opinions are 100% my own. In addition, Eat Smart are providing one (1) scale as a prize for a US/Canadian resident for a giveaway.

Edited to add on January 21st 2013: Thanks for your entries – a winner has been chosen and will be announced in tomorrow’s post.

Please note: This post contains product links from Amazon which are affiliate links, meaning if you click over and purchase something, I will receive a very small percentage of the purchase price which goes towards maintaining eat. live. travel. write. Thank you in advance!

83 thoughts on “Review: The EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale (and a giveaway!)”

  1. The very first thing I would weigh would be my meat portion for my main meal of the day, since after all those amazing Christmas goodies I need to start loosing a few.pounds.

  2. For baking… flour, sugar, chocolate chips, etc… also for making stock or even hamburgers. There are many uses I can think of!

  3. For the record, it was Mr. Neil who purchased our trusty digital kitchen scale. Behind every cook… 😉

    My wine pairing for the digital scale testing was a Jackson Triggs Chardonnay from British Columbia. Thought the creamy mouthfeel would go well with the mindset of all those eggs Mardi was whipping up.

    Alas, while pleasant enough I found it just a bit too oaky, giving it a bit of that California treacly Chardonnay feel we know all too well. If you like that style well-enough structured, but for me I would not really recommend.

  4. I wish my scales took ‘normal’ batteries too! If you use a small board on top of your scales then you’ll be able to increase the footprint to hold bigger objects whilst still being able to read the weight. (We use ours regularly for postage!) 🙂

  5. What a nice scale! I would weigh everything – all my meals! I watched my aunt do it while visiting her over the summer, it was inspiring!

  6. I have to admit that I weigh pretty much everything I eat, but I only have a cheap little scale. I’d probably weigh chicken first.

  7. I would be weighing flour to make madeleines. My recipe is based on weight. It’s old and european and so yummy!

  8. The first thing I’d weigh is my dinner portions! Then I’d love to try some recipes that go by weight rather than cup measurements.

  9. I would weight a lot of my meals for weight loss this year. It would make things so much easier. Like chicken, fish and veggies.

  10. I would be weighing just about everything! I am working hard at being more conscious of the amount of food I am eating and trying to stick to a plan that requires the food be weighed. It might be helpful to have a food scale as weighing yourself and then following up weighing again holding the food is not very efficient!!!

  11. I would weigh the Hors D’oovers Horse Snacks that I make so that every package would weigh the exact same. It would even same me time counting each horse treat 😉

  12. Why, I would weigh macaron ingredients, of course! I have just gotten the macaron bug, which has led me to your blog 🙂

    I do currently have a different digital scale, and I find that sometimes it turns off while I’m in the middle of weighing things (especially when I’m trying to get the amounts of my egg whites just right), and when I turn it back on it tares to zero. Very annoying when I’ve already tared out the weight of the bowl, and I don’t know how much the bowl weighs, so I can’t just start at zero and put bowl + ingredients back on the scale… frustrating. Have you noticed if this scale does something similar?

  13. I would weigh all kind of dry ingredients! I bought different cookbooks while I lived in England and they all use grams. It drives me nuts to try to make conversions 🙂

  14. I have never measured anything I have eaten before but would like to start now. I think it will help me lose that extra baby weight. I would probably start with my dinner.

  15. I have European cookbooks that use weight as a measurement instead of cups like in North America. So the first thing I would do is actually put those recipes to the test with the scale (rather than just reading it like literature :)).

  16. I would start weighing meats on the scale so that I know what 4 oz. of chicken/pork/beef looks like!

  17. I love a scale to weigh flour, but especially butter. saves on the old displacement method and is so clean to do. I also love a scale that allows you to bring it back to zero so you can weigh in any container.

  18. Oh my word, how I would love this. I would weigh meat, a piece of chicken…just exactly how much is 4oz of chicken. 🙂

  19. I had one of these, but my niece wanted it so now she has one and I don’t. I would weigh meat, fish, chicken – I can’t tell by looking what anything weighs – just don’t have that talent. 🙂

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