Tasty Tours Kensington Market Sweet Tour (Toronto)

After spending a fabulous afternoon on the Tasty Tours Trinity Bellwoods Chocolate Tour earlier this fall, I was thrilled when Audrey invited me to tag along on the other Tasty Tours offering – The Kensington Market Sweet Tour.  Offering a guided tour including some history of sweets, an introduction to 6 sweet stores, samples from each location and discounts at select merchants, this 2 hour tour at $30 per person ($10 for kids 7-12 and free for kids under 7) is a wonderfully affordable way to discover this culturally diverse neighbourhood of Toronto.  Of the six stops we visited, I had only been inside one of them. Huh. And I call myself a food lover!!!

Like last time, I’m not going to reveal the names of the places we visited – though if you really want to find out you can go onto Tasty Tours’ FAQ page and highlight the section (where Audrey has hidden the names of the stores by printing them in white) to reveal the names. In the meantime, check out the wonderful food that Kensington Market has to offer.

Fabulous fresh-baked breads and cakes. Oh, and egg tarts.

A nod towards the Market’s South American/ Latin/ Mexican influences…

Continuing on in the same vein… CHURROS! (served with a smile!)

And what better chaser for a churro than some chocolate? Only the best from all around the world… (and some marshmallows. Not like Jet Puff in any way, shape or form. This is a good thing)…

And how about that “must have” British chocolate bar, the Flake?

And seriously, because you can never have enough chocolate, how about some hand-crafted truffles?

Followed by some delectable “just like Nana used to bake” bars, cookies and treats?

Again, Audrey interspersed information about sweets, chocolate and sugar with historical information about the area which, again, even as a local, I appreciated.

With just a small tasting at each stop, this tour is ideal for those who missed breakfast and didn’t quite make it to brunch either. Because once you are done, you can hang out in Kensington Market and enjoy food from all over the world!

To book a Tasty Tour of Kensington Market or Trinity Bellwoods, click here.

Disclosure: I was a guest of Tasty Tours. I was not required to post about my experience, nor am I being compensated for writing about it.  All opinions are 100% my own.

8 thoughts on “Tasty Tours Kensington Market Sweet Tour (Toronto)”

  1. What a fun tour ! I love these types of tours. The Spring “Kemble Maple Syrup Tour” was much fun for my hubby and I last year up here in Grey/Bruce.

  2. It was the shot of the egg tart that got me. Reminded me of a long-time Australian favourite – the custard tart. Nice piece, Mardi.


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