Tasty Tours Trinity Bellwoods Chocolate Tour (Toronto)

You must know by now how much I like sweet walking tours. I mean in July I enjoyed the Context Paris Chocolate Walk and the La Cuisine Paris Sugar Walk of the Marais. So when Audrey from Tasty Tours in Toronto contacted me wondering whether I might like to join one of their tours right here in Toronto, I couldn’t resist. Playing tourist and eating sweet treats right in my own hometown? How could I refuse?

I brought Mr Neil with me on this little adventure – we’re always on the lookout for fun things to do in Toronto, plus, he is as big a chocaholic as I am!  Tasty Tours are walking tours dedicated to all that is sweet – chocolates, cupcakes, pastries, you name it!  On each tour, the guide leads you on a walk around a Toronto neighbourhood (Kensington Market or Trinity Bellwoods), where you are introduced to various bakeries, chocolatiers and more.  With a little history (about both the neighbourhoods and the sweets) and some samples thrown in , it’s the perfect tour for every sweet tooth!

The first tasting plate (of, ahem, FIVE!)

I’m not going to reveal the names of the places we visited – though if you really want to find out you can go onto Tasty Tours’ FAQ page and highlight the section (where Audrey has hidden the names of the stores by printing them in white) to reveal the names. I didn’t before I went on the tour – I wanted it to be a surprise. Though Neil and I did try to guess where we might be going, we only guessed 1/5 correctly!

One of the stores we visited was a nice mix of sweet and savoury

What I loved most about this tour was the fact that we went to a couple of places I have walked by or rode by on the streetcar too many times to count, thinking “Oh I should go and check that place out.”  Sadly, it seems that when you live in a place, you always tell yourself “another time” and you never end up going.  So I was pleased to check out places that I can now cross of my “must go” list. Except that the treats were so delicious that I’ll have to go back.

In a couple of the places, we were treated to some amazing gluten-free sweets.  With an ever-growing number of my colleagues gluten-free, I was making notes of where to buy what for staff room treats that everyone can enjoy!

We visited what can only be described at the Pocky mothership….

with some Sakura Maccha Latte KitKats and Ramune and Yuzu flavoured gummy candies for good measure.

There was a lot of chocolate….

But you know, not too much. A  little taste here and there and knowing that you were going to visit 5 places, you are able to pace yourself. Or not, you know!

No, even though they weren’t part of the tour, Neil and I treated ourselves to a macaron. Maybe two.

Audrey, our tour guide (and Tasty Tours’ owner) was very friendly and gave us just enough history that it was an educational AND sweet afternoon.  Armed with an iPad image gallery, Audrey talked us through how chocolate is made and continued to give us little tips along the way at each stop. She also gave us some brief history of the neighbourhood which, even as a Toronto resident, I appreciated.

All in all, a very fun afternoon and at a price of $30-35 per person ($10-$15 for kids aged 7-12 and free for under 7s), the tours are a downright bargain. Highly recommended for anyone who lives in or is visiting Toronto seeking a different tour experience. I can’t wait to take the Kensington Market tour soon! And hopefully Tasty Tours will add more neighbourhoods to their lineup. I’m sure every ‘hood has its secret sweets, no?

To book a Tasty Tour of Kensington Market or Trinity Bellwoods, click here.

Disclosure: I was a guest of Tasty Tours. I was not required to post about my experience, nor am I being compensated for writing about it.  All opinions are 100% my own.

18 thoughts on “Tasty Tours Trinity Bellwoods Chocolate Tour (Toronto)”

  1. That looks seriously yummy! I may have to come to Toronto (I wish!)! I especially like the look of the ‘dynamite’ chocolate, very intriguing. I’ve never heard of pocky before but it reminds me of the new biscuit like things called mikado here, I think they’ve had something similar in France for years though. I love to see the world through food, it says a lot about a culture and it’s so much fun to try new things! 🙂

  2. I love the logos for those macarons. And $35 for a chocolate tour? That’s unheard of! I will definitely look them up when I’m in Toronto.

  3. Mardi, it must be so much fun to be invited along to something like this, especially in your own town. As you say, as it’s on your doorstep you wouldn’t normally do things like this so great to take in the history and new haunts. Toronto looks like it has so much to offer. Love the look of the macaron flavours and the different kind of sweets like the yuzu gum candy (never heard of this) and agree with the pocky: it’s just like Mikado here in France.

  4. There are so many places still in my little town that I have yet to venture into. What delights you must have been treated to on this tour. I’ve never heard of Pockys let alone Sakura Maccha Latte KitKats! What a wonderful neighbourhood you live in.

  5. This is such a fun (and delicious) idea for guests to the city. I’ll have to keep it in mind for my next out-of-town visitors. Or just cave in to the chocolate calling on my own!

  6. Hmmm… I always have trouble with the concept of “pacing one’s self”. Invariably, it ends up in overload but surely, that’s the point.
    Looked a great tour, Mardi…


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