Double chocolate strawberry shortcakes for Baketogether

Yikes, it’s been a long time since I participated in Abby Dodge’s #BakeTogether. Since January in fact. Ahem. Life has a habit of getting in the way of best intentions, doesn’t it?

I do find it ironic that I chose to come back to one of my favourite baking groups when I am in Paris, without all my proper baking equipment. To bake double chocolate strawberry shortcakes, no less!  Yes, I whipped these up for friends as the finale to a dinner of ratatouille and chicken with tapenade and it was the perfect end to a lovely summer meal that definitely scored me points with two of my oldest friends in Paris with its “wow factor”!  And yes, I did reiterate how easy it was!

Though I baked this with no baking powder – only baking soda (yes, I stood perplexed in a number of supermarkets this week looking at packets and ingredients for what seemed like a very long time!), they turned out lovely and light – like a shortbread version of a decadent brownie.  Sandwiched with mascarpone cream studded with strawberries and strawberry syrup, this is such an easy dessert that looks like it took you way longer than it did. My favourite kind!!!

Find Abby’s recipe as well as other takes on it on this month’s Baketogether post!

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16 thoughts on “Double chocolate strawberry shortcakes for Baketogether”

  1. I’m impressed with your away-from-home baking prowess! Love this new twist on an old favorite. P.S. If you do more baking in Paris (I hope you will!) baking powder is “levure chimique” and it comes in little envelopes, pre-packaged like yeast.

    • Thanks – but levure chimique has bicarbonate of soda in it which is what I call baking soda. #MassConfusion in the baking aisle! And a side note – I have since used baking soda in kitchens in France and it’s called “baking soda” in English. But couldn’t find it for the life of me. Along with a microplane rasp, I will be travelling with baking soda next summer!


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