Merry macarons for the holidays!

Merry Christmas!  As you read this, you’ll be hoping that Neil and I arrived in Vancouver in one piece, having had to take four different flights (2 each, so separate) to get there, despite the fact that we booked these flights over 9 months ago.  And to think we thought Christmas Day would be a great and quiet time to travel… We’re headed out to dinner at The Sylvia Hotel with Neil’s mum for the best kind of Christmas dinner – one cooked by someone else 😉

My present to you, dear readers, is this post. I am so thankful that this was the year where I learned to finally make successful macarons time and time again, courtesy of Stella’s wonderful recipe/ method (How to make macarons – tips and tricks is detailed here). Thankful that when I decide that I want to make macarons, I don’t have to do the “pray for feet” ritual (well, not much, anyway!).  For Christmas, I made plain green shells and filled them with vanilla buttercream…

Red shells speckled with a tiny bit of candy cane dust, also filled with vanilla buttercream…

And (for me) the pièce de résistance – white shells with just enough candy cane dust that they didn’t collapse. Filled with white chocolate ganache (2/4 cup cream, heated until nearly boiling, poured over 350g white chocolate chips – then you stir until smooth and refrigerate until it’s pipeable) into which I sprinkled more of the (very fine) candy cane dust which gave it a light green hue. Mmmm. These were GOOD!

I’m looking forward to more macaron adventures in 2012 but am so happy to end the year on a positive mac note (errr, unlike last year when we had sloppy “tired and emotional” macs)

I hope your holiday season is fabulous – filled with family, food and friends.  I wish I could send you all some of my macarons as a way of saying “thanks for reading” 🙂

This post takes part in the final Mactweets of 2011!

40 thoughts on “Merry macarons for the holidays!”

  1. Merry Christmas, Mardi!!! Hope your flights are uneventful! And that your holidays are as beautiful as your macarons…Merry Christmas, my friend!

  2. And I hope to bring everyone more bloody adventures in meat – followed by the requisite glass of good wine.

    Eat, drink, and be merry!

  3. That’s a lot of work, doing macs in so many colours. They look beautiful and gorgeous photographs. I am wondering where ‘The Mickey’ mac is though?! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you, Neil and Cleo.

  4. Belated Merry Christmas 🙂 I love love LOVE these macarons they look perfect and I love they’re the perfect colours for XMAS 🙂 Hope you’ve recovered from the flights~


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