French Fridays with Dorie: Cauliflower-bacon gratin

This week’s French Fridays with Dorie recipe (cauliflower-bacon gratin, p 362), was one that kind of flew under my radar when I was leafing through the book and marking things I wanted to make because I can’t imagine why I would not have flagged it – a gratin made with cheese, cream and bacon containing cauliflower (therefore making it somewhat healthy) – sounds right up my alley, right?

This was so easy to make, using leftover home-cured bacon from the final Charcutepalooza challenge meal and wowed guests and even Neil thought it wasn’t bad “for a vegetable”.  I love how it puffed up, all soufflé like….

Would I make this again? You bet. A great way to use up all sorts of leftover vegetables because, you know, everything’s better with bacon and cream, right?

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52 thoughts on “French Fridays with Dorie: Cauliflower-bacon gratin”

  1. Mardi…how I love yours with the soufflelike puff…mmmmm can imagine how aromatic with the burnt cheese topping 🙂 yummy. I served mine as a main dish …me too definitely will make this again with curry and sauteed onions this time . Happy New Year to you and family!

  2. This one certainly was a treat. Though, I’m thinking that our resolution for 2012 needs to be that we pick lighter recipes for December to balance out all the holiday feasting. Darn tasty though, and your little individual gratins look just perfect.

  3. Exactly – bacon and cream (and cheese) make almost everything wonderful 🙂 Love the puffy goodness in those dishes.

    Have a great New Year, Mardi!

  4. I do love this recipe and yours turned out stunning ! It is funny because this recipe was literally the ONLY other recipe that I made outside of French Fridays. It was a winner from the first time and has made many repeats. Just like that creme brulee is going to 🙂 Happiest of New Years- Nana and I greatly enjoy your posts and your comments – thanks so much for sharing both !!

  5. Bacon makes the world a perfect one 🙂 And because there’s cauliflower it makes it seem a little bit healthier hahaha Happy New Year!

  6. Oh, I love the souffle puff! I loved this and suggested to my spouse it would be a great breakfast item – he was not excited about that idea, but loved it as a side dish. I just thought this was delicious and really simple to make. Can’t wait to make it for guests. Love how your gratin is so puffy and golden brown!

  7. That made me laugh, “somewhat healthy”. Uh huh. Sure. It has salt in it too and well, we all need salt to survive so its a matter of survival too I guess! lol. I didn’t make this one because it scared me as I knew I would just like it too much. 🙂

  8. Ahem! I DO believe I came out with something much more flattering than “not bad”. 🙂

    Very nice, though for the life of me cannot recall what I paired it with. May even have just been sparkling water with lemon…shocker for you all.


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