French Fridays with Dorie: Braised cardamom-curry lamb

Dorie Greenspan braised cardamom curry lamb Around my French TableThis week’s French Fridays with Dorie recipe was an easy one that will become a part of our winter repertoire.  We both love lamb so were happy to see braised cardamom curry lamb on the menu this week.  As with most braised dishes, it’s one that isn’t difficult – the hardest part is in the waiting as the bubbling pan fills the house gorgeous smells. This is exactly the sort of dish you need on a chilly day. It literally took me about 20 minutes to prepare, then it cooked away for just under 2 hours on very low.  I made a few changes – I didn’t have figs or fresh mint and it was too late to get out and buy any so I added extra golden raisins and a touch of mint sauce to the mix.  To finish, for colour (because it was VERY brown), I added some steamed English peas, some slivered almonds (as much for texture as colour) and some cranberries.  I was pretty pleased with the result. Because there are potatoes in there, you don’t really need to serve it with a starch but it did well over steamed rice as well as on its own (with some crusty bread for dipping).

Thanks to Neil this week for coming to my rescue when I found a big old clump of sheep’s HAIR on the meat as I was cutting it up. Ew!

Dorie Greenspan braised cardamom curry lamb

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35 thoughts on “French Fridays with Dorie: Braised cardamom-curry lamb”

  1. Brave Mr. Neil for his hair handling duties…
    I don’t know how you did it, but you managed to make this stew photogenic.
    I am not on Team Lamb, but from what I am reading I think I am in the minority…
    Have a great weekend & love the new look.

  2. I definitely like the color that you added to the dish, it looks beautiful, and the crunch of the almonds is a nice touch. I went a very different route from the book with this one!

  3. Love lamb, as it is part of my “cuddlier alive, tastier on plate” discipline. 😉

    Mardi whipped this together right after we walked in from the Finger Lakes, and I have to say it was a great quick dish…and as you’d expect, a great one to make and have for leftovers and lunches.

    My back was so sore I wasn’t wining and dining, but do have several suggestions for this. A nice Bordeaux would be classic, but with the added spices I’d probably tend more for something from the Northern Rhone, or perhaps an old vine Zin from California (cooler region, though – not Napa).

  4. That clump of sheep hair cracked me up. Must have been a nasty surprise! Your stew looked delicious especially with the added colour. Mint sauce substitution is a handy tip! Can’t always count on getting good mint in winter anymore.

  5. Many, many year ago I was preparing moose steak for my ex and found moose hairs still on the meat…that did it for me…ewww is right Mardi and you were lucky that your fellow was there to rescue you.

    Your dish looks wonderful and to kudos to you to have *whipped* it up after just getting back from your trip when most probably would have ordered take-out.

  6. I’d be so surprised to see hair on my meat. Yuck! This one was very brown, wasn’t it? I like the color the peas added to your dish. I used a butternut squash instead of potatoes and apples, so it was rather orange.

  7. Ew or ewe…I’d have been all done finding any sheep’s hair anywhere in my food. But I’d have never guessed…your dish is so colorful and beautiful…I’ve seen some very nice looking braised lamb in the blogs I’ve read, but yours catches my eye…beautiful photos and probably tastes just as good.

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