Making macarons at Le Dolci (Toronto)

(photograph courtesy of Brenda)

I’m thrilled to announce a successful first (of many) macaron making class that took place last week here in Toronto at the delightful Le Dolci studio.

When Lisa, who had been following my tweets this past summer in Paris (notably about all the macaron classes I was taking), asked me to come and teach others how to make these exquisite French treats, I didn’t hesitate. I mean, I love to teach (and it’s my day job) and I love macarons. So what could go wrong?

Well for those of you who have followed my macaron trials and tribulations over the years or who have tried to bake them yourselves will know,  macs are temperamental little treats. I mean if Stella says they don’t always turn out for her, a CIA trained pastry chef, well there’s not much the rest of us mac-mortals can do about it, right? Wrong. Practice, practice, practice. It makes perfect, you know! Perfect feet in this case!

I’ve baked a lot of macarons in my short time working at them. A lot, I tell you. My neighbours and my colleagues (and poor Mr Neil) can attest to this. But this year I have finally found a recipe that works. Pretty much all the time.  Thanks to Stella.

So I felt confident going in to the class last Friday. I’d been in to check out the oven, made a batch, figured out the gas vs electric oven and the convection vs non-convection ovens and the difference between regular and professional baking trays. Ok, so I was still nervous. Very nervous. Those of you who know me in person know that I like to do things and do them well. So I wanted feet on my macs last Friday. I wanted to share all I have learned over the past nearly 2 years baking them with the students. I wanted them to take away a precious box of macs to share with their families (or not).

I brought them a little treat to start off on a sweet note…

In any case, as a teacher, you have to know that you know more than your students. I mean that’s why they are there. But a sweet treat at the start of class doesn’t hurt either…

The class flew by – before I knew it we were piping and baking and “doing the happy feet dance”, willing the macaron gods to cooperate….

(errr, no pressure – just a handful of people taking photos and videoing in some cases each step…)

(above photographs courtesy of Lisa at Le Dolci and Jen)

Result? FEET. Macarons that looked like macarons should look. Well, a little wonky but endearingly rustic, I like to call them!

And some of us got fancy with shapes (totally intentionally – of course!). check out Fiona’s macaron with a handle in the foreground of the next pic!  I also personally love how much filling the students sandwiched in the shells LOL!

No, they are not perfect. But they are SO much better than my first ever batches that I keep on my blog to remind me how far I have come.  I mean, as the Michelin starred chef who taught my last class in Paris this summer told me, “But Mademoiselle, we can’t expect so much from beginner macaron bakers. If we have smooth tops, that’s the most we can hope for.” (I had, in fact, commented on the fact that the macarons we had made during his class did not have very good feet. Ahem. You can’t imagine me doing that, now can you?).  Well MY students produced macarons with not only smooth tops but feet to boot (no pun intended!). I was a very proud macaron mama 🙂

Check out the photos on Le Dolci’s Facebook page here and Jen’s wonderful post about the class here.

And you know what? We had so much fun that we’re doing it all over again, and again!  The November class is already sold out but there are spaces in the December 2nd class and we have just added January 20 and February 24 to the schedule.  Wouldn’t a macaron class make a perfect Christmas gift?

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70 thoughts on “Making macarons at Le Dolci (Toronto)”

  1. see? see???? what did i tell you Mardi????? YOU ARE A MASTER AT MACARONS!!!! am soooooo very proud of you and believe me honey, if i lived in the vicinity, i’d be signed up to take classes – soooo awesome – CONGRATS!!

  2. Yeah! Congratulations on a successful first of many classes! I can imagine how nervous you were but you did awesome and I’m sure all your upcoming classes will be full. When are you going to take these classes on the road? (Hint…hint!)

  3. Now who’s the proud macaron mama? Moi, bien sur! Look at you and how far you have come! These macs are perfect as far as I am concerned and since I can’t take one of your classes I need to go back and find your never-fail recipe! What fun! Proud of you, baby! xo

  4. So wish I could have been there to take your class! You’re a veritable macaron pro! Also, that photo of the macarons in the colorful basket is VERY enticing. Gorgeous shot!

  5. Amazing! Speaking of teaching, can you send me the link to your blogging improvement class/thing? My phone is a minion of the devil and I can’t find it. Did I dream you tweeted me? It’s within the realm of possibility…

  6. Mardi, this is fantastic. Félicitations, my friend! Oh, I wish we didn’t live so far away to give you a proud hug. Your class looked so much fun and love your joke with feet to boot. What an extra treat to taste before even starting – with these lovely pastel macaron shades. What a teacher!

  7. So great to hear you’re progressing so well Mardi! I think I’ll study your Macaron technique and do a test batch this weekend.

    If I’m ever in Canada I hope you’ll offer a class when I’m there, would be great to learn from you!

  8. AH! The last time I was in France, there wasn’t a macaron I walked by without sampling. My friend has been asking me to make macarons for years and I’ve been way to scared! But I might have to give them a try now. Thanks for sharing!

  9. This is sooo cool! How I wish I could have been there! I ADORE macarons and in fact just ordered Jill’s book “Mad About Macarons” but haven’t ventured forth yet…. You have me motivated now!

  10. Ohhh, such pretty macarons! I’ve actually been feeling inspired to give them another try again. There might just be some macaron making going on in my kitchen over the next few weeks. I’m feeling brave!

  11. Mardi- I am bright green with envy! Those macarons turned out perrrrfect and how fun would a class be? Shoot, I’m every shade of green with envy.


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