Following your (sweet) dreams: CakeStar Sweet Boutique

Listening to someone talk about something they are truly passionate about is a joy.  Sisters Barbara Accogli and Monja Chiaravalloti (@CakeStarGirlz on Twitter) recently hosted a grand media preview opening of their CakeStar Sweet Boutique – a place where their sweet dreams really have come true – and even after 5 minutes’ listening to them talk, their passion for what they do is obvious, infectious, even!

I entered the tiny cake store come studio situated in a nondescript strip of Lakeshore Boulevard in Etobicoke in awe of the fabulous creations in the window and on display, yet I left feeling totally confident about filling cannoli and dipping cake balls (not as easy as it looks!).  With Barb standing at your side offering words of encouragement and Monja close-by decorating a multi-layer cake with the most intricate piping you have ever seen, it was easy to get wrapped up in their magical word of frosting and cake.  The mysteries of fondant, icing and decorating all of a sudden seem much more do-able in CakeStar land 🙂

Alongside the hands-on activities, we ogled the gorgeous cupcakes – so many flavours – what to choose?

Barb and Monja’s road to success started early – mentored by their father Nicola, an Italian master baker at the family bakery, the sisters who baked together when they were young chose to stick together later in life, and have worked to make their name creating stunning “Edible Art” around the Greater Toronto Area.  Their cake creations have been commissioned by the CBC, CP24, The Honda Indy, and the new USA Network comedy-drama TV series “Suits”. This summer, the sisters also worked with Toronto-area bakers at The Harbourfront Centre to break the World Guinness Record for World’s “Most Layered Cake.” And they did it!

Cannoli – a specialty of CakeStar Sweet Boutique

Cannoli filling station at the CakeStar Sweet Boutique grand opening

Cake ball station at CakeStar Sweet Boutique grand opening

Monja (Cake Artist/ Designer – above) was born and raised in Toronto, where she spent much of her childhood in the family bakery.  She worked in a variety of careers before coming full circle later in life helping out at her family’s bakery where she discovered the magic of cake art.  Being self taught she has learned primarily by trial and error, punctuated with a few hands-on courses.  With her sister Barbara, she will continue the family business with a focus on the modern art of today’s cakes.

Barbara (the “Edible Artist”) was born in Rome and raised in Toronto, Canada. She practically lived in the family bakery for 26 years, where she played in her creative sandbox, baking and learning. In 2011, her dream has came true with the opening of the CakeStar Sweet Boutique. Barbara also co-owns The Big Ragu in Toronto, with her husband, Carmine. She is an entrepreneur, designer, blogger, developer, baker and overall executor – and she’s ready to take on anything life throws at her, one cake at a time.

CakeStar Sweet Boutique is a reflection of both Barb and Monja’s enthusiasm and passion, offering cupcakes, cake balls and cannoli for purchase and special order (check out their array of creative flavours!), as well as classes for everyone from beginners and kids to more ambitious bakers and decorators.  If you have a sweet tooth for either eating or decorating cakes, CakeStar is worth the trip from downtown. Go on, go there. Eat a cupcake. Or two 🙂

CakeStar Sweet Boutique
3431 Lakeshore Blvd (at Kipling)
Etobicoke, Ontario, M8W 1N2

Thanks to Mary Luz and Mario of Sizzling Communications for the invite!

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38 thoughts on “Following your (sweet) dreams: CakeStar Sweet Boutique”

  1. Yum–the very idea of a cannoli “filling station” makes my mouth water. One of my very favorite places has a burrata bar; if they were in the same place, I’d probably have to sell my house and move in!

    Have a good Sunday!


  2. Mardi, Wow! What a great place to experience. They sound like fun women to meet and the cupcakes and cakes look stunning and YUMMY.

  3. Love what you do and do what you love! So nice to see that these two talented ladies are following their passions and doing so well at it. The cake piping shown is stunning and their confections look delicious. I’m glad that the work of these two sisters is being recognized and commissioned both here in Canada and in the US while being enjoyed by so many locally as well! So nice when one is able to live their dreams! Continued success to both Barbara and Monja.

  4. I loved this post! From the sentiment to which I completely agree about the joy of listening to anyone describe her passion, to the sisters, who seem so cool and relaxed, to the mouthwatering dessert photos, to getting a laugh from the Carmine/The Big Ragu Laverne and Shirley reference. (Although they spelled it Ragoo, which was ridiculous.) Yum. I want to dip a cannoli in the cake ball chocolate, then maybe one of the cupcakes. Or my left arm…

  5. The cannolis looked absolutely 100% delicious! Thanks for sharing Mardi, I thoroughly enjoyed the great photographs as well!


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