Coffee cake streusel muffins for October Baketogether

This month’s Baketogether event run by the lovely Abby Dodge featured Classic Spiced Sour Cream Coffee Cake.  Abby encourages us to experiment and change stuff up in her recipes so instead of a giant coffee cake for 10 (why is it that every dessert recipe I make these days is supposed to serve 10?  Certainly puts my “Maths for Baking” skills to use!), I decided to make muffins. I switched the sour cream for Greek yoghurt, since that’s what I had in the fridge and the all purpose flour for whole wheat (why? just because….) resulting in a denser coffee cake than I usually like.

Apparently I suck at making streusel topping since mine was very very dry and in no way resembled the lovely gooey streusel layer inside and on top of the cake that Abby achieved.  My batter was extremely thick (the whole wheat flour?) and it did not pour into the muffin pans so it was really difficult to spread the streusel evenly on the insides of these when the pans were half full.

But these tasted wonderful, warm just out of the oven and also stood the “30 seconds in the microwave” test every morning for the following week.

I mean, with a little bit of butter, who’s going to notice the slight dryness and the uneven streusel dotted on the inside.

Clearly I didn’t do the best job with this month’s Baketogether but I reckon if I follow Abby’s recipe to a T the next time, it might be better.  Sometimes, you know, whole wheat flour doesn’t always cut it….

The lucky winner of my Cora’s gift card giveaway is Kelly who clearly spent a lot of time on the Egg Farmers of Ontario website to find out these fun facts about eggs:

“I learned there is no difference between white and brown eggs nutritionally. It is the breed of hen.  I was surprised to learn there are 400 egg farms in Ontario too!!”

Kelly – will get your gift card to you asap 🙂

25 thoughts on “Coffee cake streusel muffins for October Baketogether”

  1. althought you’re not very satisfied with the look of these muffins I think they’d still make a delicious breakfast:)

  2. Perhaps it was the whole wheat flour that made them denser and dryer than you were hoping for but as you say, warmed in the microwave and served with butter still makes for a good start to your day.

  3. I used Greek yogurt as well and even added a bit to the stated recipe since our dry altitude makes our ingredients drier and it’s pretty standard fare to add extra moisture.

    Still, it was not a pourable dough; it had to be massaged to fit into a cake pan and in the cake version, the layer of dough on top of the streusel had to be put on in dollops to assure I could spread it over that topping. Seems the recipe lends itself to that already so it’s not just the flour…wonder if Abby is awake; inquiring minds want to know!

  4. I have to say, Mardi, that you did make me feel a little bit better because I had a failed baking experience yesterday. I tried to make cupcakes for our neighborhood’s annual Halloween stroll, and they were deemed so poor that I didn’t even ice them. I just ran out and bought cookies this morning. Your muffins looked lovely; I’d have been proud to bring them over to prop on the table of treats.

  5. Penny makes a good point – butter makes it better. Generally, though, even if the recipe didn’t turn out exactly as you wanted, you’ve done an awesome job taking us through the process – love figuring out how food works!

  6. I miss streuselkuchen, and this seems like a great alternative that doesn’t come by the sheetfull. Thanks for this wonderful recipe, and congrats on Top 9!


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