French Fridays with Dorie on Saturday: Cold melon-berry (soup)

It’s going to be a short French Fridays with Dorie this week. Not only am I posting on the wrong day (yesterday was Charcutepalooza posting day) but I didn’t couldn’t make the recipe properly.  No blender or hand immersion blender available in teeny weeny little Paris flat, I am afraid.  So instead of the Cold Melon-Berry Salad on page 101 that I was supposed to make for you, all I have is a fabulous, “you must make this soon” boozy fruit salad…

Because, after a day of wonderous highs at Lenôtre where I took a croissant and pains au chocolat workshop, it was also a day where I discovered more banker’s errors (NOT on the French side of things, I might add) and then had my VISA card swallowed by a bank machine only to be told that I would not see it until Monday at the earliest. I felt a bit of wine was in order. And hey, if Dorie says to add wine to something, who am I to argue 😉  When I have access to a blender again, I would love to try this as a sweet gazpacho-type soup – think it would be fabulous.

I added raspberries to the Dorie mix of melon, mint, ginger, lime (zest and juice) and Muscat. With a touch of sea salt, this was the perfect way to end the day. As I sit and finish the last little spoonfuls of this, looking out on my street, I can finally breathe. Work and conferences over, it’s enfin summer.

Dig in. Enjoy!

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60 thoughts on “French Fridays with Dorie on Saturday: Cold melon-berry (soup)”

  1. Your fruit salad looks great! Some days definitely call for a special, wine-doused treat. I blended the berries with the melon in a whim and the end product strangely reminded me of another boozy concoction: a frozen strawberry margarita! Must have been the salt and lime in there.

  2. This looks cool and refreshing Mardi. Lovely adaptation. I needed to take some time off from FFWD but hope to get back into it after the summer months. I’ll definitely have to try this one on my own time.

  3. Ah Paris! Funnily enough I also had my card eaten by a French ATM machine once, I think your beautiful boozy fruit salad is the perfect way to cope 🙂

  4. I’d need somnething decidedly stronger after a day like that!

    I did my part by spending the evening with three girls in a hookah bar on the hot steamy Toronto night, chilling out…

    Just to send you relaxing vibes, of course. 🙂

  5. That looks so pretty!! I didn’t participate this week… I hate melons. :/

    Every time that I am in Europe (at least once a year) I have to experience “banker’s errors”…hate it! Hope everything works out!!

  6. This looks so fresh and exactly what I love to eat in the summer! Oh wait, is it summer in France? Looks more like March 🙁 In all seriousness, I love how versatile fruit salads can be and this one looks particularly up my alley!

    Sorry to hear about your bank issues ;( I’ve had friends have their bank cards stolen or eaten by the machine and it has taken them over a week to get a replacement. For Americans at least (don’t want to speak for Australians and Canadians!), this is outrageous! Hope it gets resolved Monday, as they promise!

  7. I can’t think of a better place to be without an immersion blender, without a bank card. etc. Your boozed up fruit salad is lovely!!!

  8. A boozy fruit salad is the only way to go after your tough day! I hope your bank card debacle is all sorted out. Hey, at least you are in Paris! Lovely salad, I must say!

  9. Great job improvising – what a refreshing treat! I wish we had some sun here in Seattle to go with it! Still fresh berries are coming on now though, so your recipe is perfect timing.

  10. Yummo, looks fabulous. Gawd I’m jealous, I wish I was in Paris right now. Your life sounds fantastic. 🙂

  11. Looks good as is, who needs a cold soup. Just being in Paris is
    enough for me. Tricia and I love Paris and can’t wait to get
    back there, hopefully very soon. Great photo.

  12. So jealous – Paris and baking classes! I studied abroad there in college, you are most definitely in food heaven. Enjoy every minute!

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