Eggs and bacon to make someone smile

This month’s Mactweets Challenge, Macs are in the Air, began with “Ah, who cannot but think of Valentine’s Day as soon as we turn the corner and come nose to nose with February?” Errr… me?

It’s true, I am not a fan of Saint Valentine’s Day and neither is Mr Neil. I’d much rather surprise him with a special meal or a gift for no reason than because Hallmark dictates the day.  The challenge went on, however to say that we should “bake a batch of French macarons for […] the one whom you want to make smile.” Which was exactly my intention.  I wanted to surprise Neil with a special Sunday breakfast last weekend.  Eggs and bacon. With a twist.

Now you have to understand that Neil was never a breakfast eater before we met. Twelve cups of coffee perhaps, but no food, and sometimes no food until dinner. Very unhealthy.  I have managed to change all that but he still does not eat breakfast very willingly, claiming he only eats his yoghurt so he can share the lid with Cleo in the morning.  He is, however, a fan of a good English breakfast, but we don’t have time for that during the week.  Once every 2 weeks or so, we will do bacon and eggs, sometimes pancakes, sometimes croissants.  He’s all over that 🙂  He also loves macarons. Mostly.  There have been a few batches he’s hated in the past year but generally speaking, if I put one of them on a saucer next to his coffee in the morning, he wouldn’t complain.  So my idea was an egg macaron with our home-cured and smoked bacon from this month’s Charcutepalooza.

Unfortunately, humidity did not wish to cooperate and simply wouldn’t leave us alone this past weekend and I had not one but three failed batches of flat macarons. They were all over the place – all sorts of bad shapes and sizes and I couldn’t get the yellow consistent – forgot that in one batch I had already added white to the batter so they “yolks” just wouldn’t go as yellow as the previous failed batch no matter how much yellow I added.  Sigh.  I rescued a few of them since I hate to waste food (I only ever make small batches of macs, just in case this happens. As in, often).

I went ahead and fried up the bacon anyway, since there was just a tiny bit left.  For whatever reason, this bacon cooked fast, with a tendency to burn a little around the edges – not very fatty so perhaps that’s why…

But it’s ok because Neil likes his bacon extra crispy…
So, not the breakfast I had planned for him, rather a mid-morning snack as he worked on a couple of dishes as I caught up on some readings for grad school.  Later when I came downstairs, the plate was empty. And I swear there was a lingering smile… Mr Neil likes his bacon and macs 😉

73 thoughts on “Eggs and bacon to make someone smile”

  1. BTW…huge bonus points for Miss Mardi correctly acknowledging it is SAINT Valentine’s Day.

    There is a saint present, as well as an apostrophe. Bugs me to no end how the majority of stuff you see omits these two elements.

    (Not quite as bad are missing the apostrophe on the Oct.31 eve or the name of the 50th state of the USA, but I digress…)

  2. Despite the humidity I think they’re awesome, I love your creativity and they made me laugh! I too had a massive failure the other day because of humidity – silly me for trying to make some when it was raining!

  3. Well, Mardi, you made ME smile! Ha I love this post and love the egg macs! And believe me, this year V Day was filled with blank looks and a bit of the grump. HE doesn’t do V Day either. These macs wouldv’e probably made him smile, though. Lucky Mr. Neil!

  4. These made me smile and laugh with glee this AM, and that, M’dear, ain’t easy. You know, I think the humidity was fine, because it made the macs look more egg-like, and not cookie-cutter (no pun intended), like they came on a McMuffin. What a creative, cool “present.” And we agree about ST. Valentine’s around these parts: too much pressure, jacked up prices. Nah. Give me a genuine romantic gesture any day.

  5. What a wonderful idea! I can’t think of anyone who would refuse a macaron egg and homemade bacon breakfast! Don’t you hate it when the weather refuses to cooperate with your macaron making schedule? In any case, the oddly shaped ones actually look like perfect fried eggs!

  6. Oh, these are so so so adorable! You could totally package them up and sell them.
    Me and my husband are not big breakfast eaters either, but we would totally eat a whole batch of these – me the macarons and my husband the bacon!

  7. I really like what you’ve done, Mardi! It’s so original and I’m still smiling!

    Ah, food coloring, something I couldn’t get right as well. Usually my macs are tinted with tea, coffee, or powdered freeze-dried fruits. I’ll finish my post sometime tonight and you’ll see.

    Thank you for sharing this! Now I want BACON!

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  9. I feel I’m so lagging behind with both my Mactweet & DB posts. What a super creative rendition… they totally put a smile on my face. =) Sending you many hugs, great job Mardi!

  10. The egg macarons are so cute, it is a great idea AND you don’t have to worry about the egg yolk bursting when transferring the egg from pan to plate. 😉 You made your own bacon too, that is incredibly awesome. One day I will be brave enough to try curing my own meat.

  11. This is too cute! Love that you’ve found your own angle to Valentine’s Day too. I have never attempted macarons and am sure I’d have aborted mission after two failed batches. Hat’s off to you to be so perseverant and arrive with the eggs!

  12. I’m beginning to believe that there is nothing you can’t create with a macaron. This breakfast is awesome and if Mr. Neil doesn’t want seconds, keep them for me!

    P.S. I love crispy bacon too.

  13. How inspired and romantic you are Mardi girl! Brilliantly done, and I’m sure you made a lot of us smile with these gems! Great great take on our V Day challenge. Thank you for bringing these over to MacTweets, and giving us a sunshine day!
    {PS Thank you for the postcard too. LOVED it!!}


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