Tassimo T20 giveaway!

Coffee. It makes the world go round. It fuels the staffrooms of the world.  I know when our staffroom coffee machine is in for repairs, we are crankier than usual, especially having to drink “regular” percolator coffee.  So when the kind folks at Dan Klores Communications contacted me about a Tassimo T20 review and giveaway, I jumped at the chance.  Where better to test a coffee machine than in a staffroom?

The innovative Tassimo T20 home brewing system comes in a chic space saving design and boasts the following features:

Innovative barcode technology that delivers the perfect drink every time
A space saving design
Removable 1.5 litre water tank
Noise reduction system
Immediately ready to brew drinks
No taste transfer between drinks
Low energy consumption
Fully automatic one-button operation
Automatic cleaning and descaling program

Whether you’re in the mood for a coffee, tea, latte or hot chocolate, the custom brewing process makes a perfect cup, every time. With great brands like Starbucks®, Nabob, Maxwell House, Twinings® and Suchard, you can enjoy your favourite beverage, no matter what the occasion.  You can see a full list of beverages available for the T20 here.

The Tassimo T Discs are designed to work exclusively with the Tassimo home brewing system. Each T Disc contains ground coffee, tea, chocolate or concentrated milk product, and is sealed to protect the flavours inside.  Using barcode technology, the system reads every T Disc individually and adjusts the temperature, water volume and brew time. This way every coffee, tea, latte and cappuccino is made exactly the way it’s meant to be.   All the brewing happens inside the T Disc’s ‘mini brewing-chamber’, using a unique inverse flow. Your drink pours directly from the T DISC into the cup so you can prepare different drinks, one after the other with no taste transfer.

So what did we think?

Pros: Loved the ease of use factor and the speed at which it brews different drinks.  There is, indeed, no taste transfer between beverages and it’s a neat little machine that does not take up much counterspace at all.  Compared to purchasing similar beverages, this machine is very cost effective (the most expensive being the Chai Tea Latte at $10.99 CAD for 8 drinks. Note: these are what I consider “normal” sized drinks – 8-10 oz, so not what most people order at, say Starbucks).  The hot chocolate, Nabob coffee and Chai Tea Latte got rave reviews.

Cons: The T-Discs themselves create a lot of garbage – the individual (non recyclable) portions are packaged in boxes (recyclable) that are then wrapped (not recyclable) so it’s not the most environmentally friendly.  The concentrated milk product that comes with the latte drinks is sweet. And tastes a little artificial. Some people loved this, many did not. (Full disclosure here – we have a super duper De Longhi coffee maker that grinds, brews and froths milk at the touch of a button, so we are really spoiled. We mostly use skim or 2% milk in that machine so the milk product T Discs are obviously going to be a lot creamier.)  A lot of people I have talked to love the taste this gives to latte-type drinks.

This is a great (and much cheaper) alternative to your morning coffee shop run and a great way to brew a single decent drink instead of making a huge pot of coffee and either leaving most of it or drinking more than you need.  It’s small and quiet and I am sure if you experiment with the T Discs, you will find a favourite.  The Nabob espresso with a touch of half and half cream was one of my favourites – so much better than a percolated cup but less filling than a huge latte.

The good news?

I have one Tassimo T20 to give away to one lucky reader (US and Canadian addresses only – sorry!)

How to enter?

Simply leave me a comment on this post telling me what your favourite hot beverage indulgence is and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to win a Tassimo T20 to indulge every day!

Bonus entry: Simply tweet the following message (you can even cut and paste) and leave a second comment on this post letting me know you have.

I just entered to win a Tassimo T20 from @eatlivtravwrite You can too! http://bit.ly/i8cW8u

Contest closes Saturday January 22nd at 6pm EST. I will announce the winner on Sunday January 23rd. Good luck!

Disclosure: I was provided with a Tassimo T20 at no charge in exchange for a fair and honest review. All ideas and opinions expressed are my own or those of people who reviewed the product with me. I was not paid nor compensated in any other way.

171 thoughts on “Tassimo T20 giveaway!”

  1. Sippity-Sup was doing a similar giveaway and I am ALL over these. Coffee is my life-blood. My favourite indulgence with coffee is a Cinnamon Dolce Latte from Starbucks…sugar free because of my diabetes, but with whole milk and whipped cream!

  2. my favorite coffees are lattes and iced lattes!!! I love the string rich flavor they have!!! Mmmm it’s the best way to start the morning 🙂

  3. The absolute BEST winter bevvy indulgence is Glühwein, served hot in a rented mug at a Christkindlmarket on a very cold evening in Austria, enjoyed alongside the wonderful company of my Dad. And maybe a pretzel with mustard.

  4. My favourite drink would be a vanilla latte. In fact, I like them so much, that I started making my own vanilla bean syrup at home and make them from scratch! I’d love a Tassimo machine for the convenience of making just one cup of coffee when I need to, rather than a whole pot when I am at home during the day.

  5. Hot Chocolate is my absolute fave hot beverage indulgence. I love it with some homemade whipped cream on top and a dash of cinnamon mixed in!

  6. Making coffee in the morning with ground beans is one reason to get out of bed! Or maybe having your partner start the coffee is even better. That coffee maker looks awesome – maybe it could replace the partner : >
    Just kiddin’ darlin’….

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  8. I’m drinking coffee as we speak. Er. Type. Whatever. Hm…my favorite? Love, love, love toffee nut soy lattes. Wish I knew how to make ’em.

  9. I don’t usually order indulgent drinks… I’m more of an Americano type girl, having said that I do visit a coffee house on a daily basis. So this might come in handy. 🙂

  10. I love a good iced mocha, but as an occasional treat. For everyday, I am a black coffee with one stevia girl!

  11. My favourite hot beverage indulgence is definitely hot chocolate. It’s the best treat on a cold winter day!

  12. I tweeted about it too! I’ve been having company a lot lately and my coffee press is horrible and is an embarrassment so this would help me out in a big way. What a great giveaway Mardi!

  13. I tried it this weekend & absolutely loved it…it’s at a place in Vermont called Lake Champlain Chocolates & it’s called the Aztec hot chocolate. It’s sweet, spicy & perfect for a cold day.

  14. I LOVE COFFEE! All coffee flavored drinks are my fave, but am hooked on Peppermint Mocha at the moment!!

  15. Post-dinner, I loooove to have a big mug of coffee with a smidge of Bailey’s Irish Cream. Warms the heart and soul 🙂

  16. I’ve tried the hit chocolate so far and I absolutely loved it! I added some caramel and a bit of coarse sea salt and it was perfect. I can’t wait to try the lattés!

  17. I love the hazelnut latte at this independent coffee shop here in Moncton, the baristas are very talented.

  18. Some people have “comfort foods” but we have “comfort coffee” in my house… I love it au naturel — black, hot and in a big comfy cup… my daughter likes a big hug – – oops I mean big mug of half coffee & half hot chocolate (full serving of each please)…. and my boyfriend likes the smooth sweet taste of a latte. One thing we all agree on is the mental pick me up that we all get when the house fills with the scent of fresh brewed coffee….mmmmm

  19. oh- warm apple cider is my favorite warm drink on a cold winter morning. But I NEED a coffee (or two) every morning. Thanks for sharing.

  20. My fav, is to put the kids down and pour myself an espresso. Fuel to get me through the rest of the night.

  21. Mardi I need that coffee maker my grind and brew is no longer grinding just makes a spinning noise like Neil and the Pontiac stuck in a snow drift. Pick me Pick me.

  22. My favourite beverage is coffee with a touch (or more) of Bailey’s Irish Cream with the caramel flavour – yummmm! I also love any cappuchino served in Italy – they have the best coffee!

  23. My favourite beverage is just coffee with cream and sugar. When I am sick it is tea though. This machine would be wonderful to have! I wonder if they carry iv drip makers for those days when you just can’t seem to get going, hehehe!

  24. I am such a huge coffee drinker and I try to make all of my coffee at home instead of buying it out. I buy fresh beans and grind them with my coffee grinder, but I find the process a little tedious when I’m tired in the morning, lol. Something like this would be great! I like my coffee plain (just milk!).

  25. I love decaf!!! Iced with alot of cream is the best in summer! Hot in the winter…..yummy! Then there is Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea……oooohhhhhh! Homemade hot chocolate! Do I have to pick just one?

  26. It’s so good that you’re being honest about this product. There are certainly pros to these machines, but as you mentioned there are a number of cons.

    I love a good latte, usually with soy milk, but I rarely have them because I don’t have a machine to make espresso.

  27. Hey, thanks for giving us the plusses AND minuses. I appreciate it. But until De Longhi gives you a free giveaway, this machine will be a great addition to our staff room (the kitchen counter). My favorite hot beverage is super dark hot chocolate, but my go-to is a double espresso macchiato, with some steamed milk added so it too is super dark.

  28. Yes, I admit it “I’m a Coffee addict”!
    I received the Keurig Single Serve mini brewer which is great. You can use the pods. Or buy the filter and use your coffee and even tea. But unfortunately doesn’t it doesn’t make espresso. 🙁

  29. Hot chocolate is probably my favorite beverage to indulge in. Yummy stuff. Like having a dessert.

  30. how awesome. congrats on your giveaway and being contacted by a PR firm. very cool Mardi!

    my fave hot bev is cafe au lait. LOVE the milk/coffee combo. i’m a big milk person (soy of course).

  31. Fabulous giveaway Mardi and a great review!

    Without a doubt Starbucks cappuccino with raw sugar and a dash of cinnamon is my favourite. A decadent treat I reserve for special occasions like… you know… shopping.

  32. I wake up every morning at 5:45 and French press my addiction:) But probably my favorite hot drink is 1/2 hot cocoa 1/2 coffee. Simple as that:)

  33. My favorite hot beverage indulgence would be a Starbucks grande Caramel Macchiato (Basically, a vanilla latte with a bit less vanilla, extra foam, and caramel sauce drizzled on top), but the best Starbucks beverage is a Mocha Frappuccino with whipped cream and chocolate drizzled on top. My in-laws have a Tassimo that is used 10 or more times a day, a great little machine.

  34. I go out of my way to get my cappuccino at Artigiano’s. That said, whenever I drink it, I’ll sure to be up till 4am. Ha ha.

  35. MMMMM! I drink half chocolate, half coffee as my daily addiction & it’s so easy to make with the pod coffee makers! Thanks for the chance to win one!

  36. Wow! What a great giveaway! It was -45 this morning here in Winnipeg. I would love a wonderful Chai Tea latte to help warm me up!

  37. I agree with your comments on this Tassimo unit. I’ve used one for a few months now and they really make a good cup of coffee with zero waste.

    The latte milk products are not a sweet as the cappuccino concentrated milk, but I like both.

    Sometimes finding T-Discs can be a challenge in grocery chains , although Walmart always have a few brands available.

    The only thing I’d don’t like about this system is the costs of the T-discs.

  38. wow..amazing giveaway…love to win it, thanks!!!
    My favorite beverage at this season would be a hot cup of hot cocoa with a pinch of nutmeg…its heavenly…

  39. My favourite hot beverage is tea…..however my guests usually love a coffee after dinner or for breakfast when they stay over ,and I make the worst coffee ever!! Winning a Tassimo would solve all my problems.

  40. Great giveaway, Mardi! I am lucky I can make a cappuccino or a latte at work, but still would like them at home. Thanks for a chance:)

  41. Each morning I wake to a fresh hot cup of regular coffee with extra cream and sug. Throughout the day I may indulge in an ice coffee but to live without this would be insanity. I need muh coffee!

  42. My favorite indulgence is a white chocolate mocha but for everyday drinking I prefer a nice latte.

  43. starbucks’ pumpkin spice latte – only available in the fall and early winter here – it tastes like my favorites time of year. 🙂

  44. My favorite indulgence drink is rich hot chocolate w/ a pinch of cayenne pepper (home made mix)

    Thanks for the chance!

  45. I try and stay away from the the single serving machines due to the waste. I am glad you mentioned that because packaging waste seems to get lost in our food trends. They are the rage though. We use a reusable filter and during the warm months compost our grounds out back.

    We have made our coffee at home for as long as I can remember so cost is something we often laugh about. I can’t imagine how much people spend to get it at a coffee shop! I bring my lunch to work when I got into the city too, so I must be saving quite a bit every week!

    Good luck to everyone who entered!


  46. Back in the good ol’ days, when I used to work with a corporate sales team, we had one of the K-cup machines to brew coffee and tea in the break room. Man, do I ever miss that little machine! (We have no coffee at all in the break rooms now… sniff.)
    Great review! Love the fact that the Tassimo does such a wide variety of beverages.
    BTW, my current indulgence is the Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate from Starbucks. It’s like crack in a cup, with little caramel salt sprinkles. 🙂

  47. I usually go through phases (everything from chai to pumpkin spice lattes to shots of espresso), but always come back to a good mocha.

  48. nothing beats a regular cup of black coffee in the mornings…. although I’m also partial to a cup of barry’s tea in the evenings.

  49. I love a good Americano, although a close second would be a cappucino. Got to have good foam, though. 🙂

  50. My favourite hot beverage indulgence is definitely a Chi Latte! Can’t get enough of them!!!!

  51. A plain old cappuccino is what I enjoy … especially when it’s from a small cafe in Little Italy. A friend recently gave me a Mini Keurig as a gift and I have to say I am not impressed. I’d like to see how this machine matches up!

  52. I like the straight black coffee but when I want something hot and sweet it usually is a cappuccino topped with lots of whipped cream.

    vickvern1@gmail dot com

  53. Every once in a while I indulge in Hot Chocolate Supreme from Tim Hortons


  54. A cup of coffee is an indulgence some days, and a need on others. I cherish Puerto Rican coffee, especially when it is grown by small producers. The beans are toasted somewhere between a French roast and espresso and it’s smooth but hearty at the same time.

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