Les Petits Chefs – Food Revolution Week 7

Even though Les Petits Chefs have loved all the dishes we have made this term, they still talk about the chicken chow mein, weeks later.  I thought it was time to show them what a proper “real food” sweet and sour dish was all about and used Jamie’s pork recipe and substituted chicken.  As Jamie mentions below, this is a super quick dish – we were finished in 50 minutes with a fair bit of “down time”.  The boys were amazed that you could make dinner in less than an hour. I would say this would take me about 30 minutes without little chefs under my feet so it’s a great go-to recipe for weeknights. The ingredients are generally all in my kitchen too!

Liam actually ASKED to cut the chicken after working with it for the first time last week and Oliver braved the jalapeno peppers (he washed his hands afterwards!).  Charles took charge of the green onions and garlic with great gusto.

Yes, I made the boys take it home in lettuce leaves just like Jamie suggests!  The assembly was really easy once we had our mise en place done:

Doesn’t it look amazing?


Isn’t it beautiful?  Once again, the little hands were hovering as I took the photo…

Ummm… I think you could say it was a success.  Charles pronounced it “outstanding”, whilst Oliver thought it tasted “very chicken-y” and Liam was too sleepy to come up with a scintillating adjective but he lingered over the tasting bowl the longest 🙂

From my perspective, this was way better than most takeaway/ takeout you would get. In the time you wait for it to be delivered, you could have made this yourself!

21 thoughts on “Les Petits Chefs – Food Revolution Week 7”

  1. I also love the little hands hovering. And wake Liam up — I want an adjective. Just kidding. Again, these posts are so much fun to read, and I’d like to make this one at home too.

  2. This is so wonderful what you do with these kids and this is a great recipe that I’d give to my son next he invites friends over for dinner. I think Jamie’s revolution is brilliant!

  3. i love your petite chef posts! your work with the kids is very inspiring – i need to bring the girls into the kitchen more on a daily basis . . .


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