Sucré (New Orleans)

One of the places that was on my list to visit even before I knew we were visiting New Orleans was Sucré.  It’s a little out of the way, off the normal tourist path but I was determined.  We actually ended up getting a taxi there after a long morning walking around but you could easily take the St Charles streetcar along to Washington and walk the few blocks down to Magazine St.  Even before we entered the store, I was hooked:

I headed straight for the chocolates, since I was on an Easter mission for my mum and Neil’s mum (oh, and us…):

Aren’t they stunning?  It was really hard to pick two boxes of 15 (my mum got the Easter bunnies) but here’s what we ended up with for ourselves:

Unbelievably, we saved these until this weekend, when our friends Ian and Lynne were on the receiving end of them at dinner on Friday. They. were. to. die. for.

Anyway, I digress…  Apart from the chocolates, I was on a macaron mission…

Yes those were spectacular but I just wanted a box with one of each flavour…

Spotted!  And purchased!

There’s inspiration for the budding macaron baker all around the store…

Inside the store, there is also a wonderful café with all sorts of delectable cakes and treats…

We were, unfortunately, too full from lunch to indulge in anything but a “kiddie sized” gelato (and since this is NOLA, it was definitely not kiddie sized!)

Mine was lemon curd and it was tangy and tart and sweet and just delightful.  Neil chose the pistachio which we both loved because it was a natural green colour, as opposed to the alarming lime-green that pistachio gelato generally is.  His was creamy and smooth and utterly heavenly.

The macarons?  They were gorgeous and tasty. I wish mine could look that perfect all the time. Sigh. One day…

The chocolates?  Well, despite having asked my mum to photograph the bunnies once they arrived in Australia, she did not.  They arrived safely in their little pink purse and I believe were consumed within about 12 hours, you know, just to check they were ok… Riiiiiiiight.  Neil’s mum has been enjoying her box of chocolates to the point of hiding them from recent houseguests as she didn’t want to share them.  And our box the other night was so amazing that we forewent a lemon panna cotta dessert because we ended up eating the lot between the four of us.  They’re only small…  They are sophisticated chocolates, for sure with wonderfully different flavours – absinthe, anyone?  (we made Neil have that one!)  or how about Peanut Butter and Jelly? YUM!  It is certainly fortunate that Sucré does not exist in Toronto, it would be way too tempting to stop in there often!

If you are in NOLA, make a beeline there…  They package the chocolates and macarons in wonderful, travel-friendly boxes so you have no excuse not to bring some home for your friends.

Sucre, 3025 Magazine Street,
New Orleans, LA, United States‎ – (504) 520-8311‎

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35 thoughts on “Sucré (New Orleans)”

  1. I remember this. No, I haven’t been to New Orleans. They’re supposed to send me a sample but since I live too far away, they decided not to. 🙁 But yes, everything looks good and fabulous.

  2. How beautiful! A little bit of Paris in NOLA! It is funny that you should post this because I was on their website just minutes earlier (at your suggestion). What amazing goodies…

  3. I LOVE Sucre, what a great post! We are always too full when we go as well – usually we stroll there after lunch at Commander’s Palace. But somehow we make room for some chocolate. Glad you got to visit!

  4. Too beautiful to eat? Ann, are you barmy?!?!?!?

    They were yummy. As for the macaron…well, Mardi’s (second) last batch were actually tastier…

    But yes, that gelato was glorious: obscene serve, though.

  5. Well, Mardi, you’ve outdone yourself! Great story, beautiful pictures and…your husband prefers your macs? What a delightful bonus!

    You do deserve that cause I’ve not seen anyone on the mission you’ve taken to perfect those little buggars, so congrats and Happy Easter!

  6. Tres jolie!! What wonderful photos Mardi. I can only say, I am pleased the chocolate shop in Sucre, Bolivia was not as vast, otherwise, I don’t think I would have seen too much else of the city!!

    My chocolate bunnies are safely ensconced in the freezer – chocloate (along with Tim Tams) seems to last much longer when stored in this manner.

  7. Where else is this place? Is it only there? I will have to google it. It looks divine. We just returned from London and Laduree’s was where I melted, died, and went to macaron heaven. This looks so similar. I cannot get enough of these kinds of places. Divine. Thanks for sharing and now I will go and investigate more!

  8. I would have been twirling around this place, gasping dramatically at all the treats. I suspect I would also have spent a fortune and made myself ill eating far too much of everything.

    I’m quite taken by the Fleur-de-lys chocolate.. it must be the Québécois in me 😉

  9. I keep seeing so much about Sucre! I haven’t been to New Orleans since late 2008, but maybe I’ll create an excuse, soon. Those macarons are totally up your alley, aren’t they?!

    By the way, your blog is totally sparkling these days. I am loving all of the great new design features.


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