Mactweets: A celebration

This month’s MacTweets theme was simply that of celebration.  There is so much to celebrate in April that it was left open to interpretation.  Now of course, when I think “celebration”, I think “champagne” and it got me Googling as to how on earth I could make a champagne macaron.  At this point in my macaron baking career, it seemed a little out of my reach but this post on The Cupcake Project made me wonder whether a mimosa mac might be more my speed – blood orange shell with champagne ganache… Hmmmm.   Reading that post, I was dubious of the “champagne flavouring” since it apparently smells like bubblegum.  I asked Mr Wine Master and he told me that it would be pushing it (a lot) to think bubble gum when you taste champagne. Oh well, I went ahead and ordered it anyway since even I can tell that to use real champagne would require way too much of it to make it taste like champagne, thus rendering any ganache way too runny…

Completely unbelieveably, this time making macs was nearly too easy. ONE try. I wasn’t even planning for them to work out – it was SUCH a fluke!  Unlike last time…  before I knew it, I had macs with feet and “champagne” ganache:

I know – it’s incredible how the same recipe doesn’t work one time and is perfect the next…  I used the same recipe as last time which is from Tartelette but in actual fact is pretty close in proportions of ingredients to the one I used at Lenôtre in Paris.

And because I am a glutton for punishment, I thought I would attempt something extremely not within my capabilities: writing words with macs to enter in Tracey and Jennifer’s Eating your Words 2010 challenge.

I did an ok job – at least they got feet:

Ahem, yes there were a few random leftovers –  I needed to “write” about four mac letters to get one decent one!  And here’s what I submitted.  As you can see, there was a little bit of mac carnage and a few cracks and chips going on.  But they look ok, right?

As for the others, well they had a little party of their own:

Yes, it’s my attempt at food styling!!!

And how did they taste?  Well, just ok.  I was not particularly pleased with the flavour of the “champagne” ganache but it sure did look pretty. Perhaps another time (yeah right!) I might do the opposite – make the shells “champagne” flavour and colour them “champagne colour” (yes, I have recently discovered an amazing baking and cooking store and had to buy a few little supplies..  They ship worldwide too!) and make the ganache orange and orange flavored… Maybe.

In any case, Cheers!

64 thoughts on “Mactweets: A celebration”

  1. CHEERS… oh I loved them. That was brilliantly done. This is a mac-celebration Mardi, and I love the party happening here! Lucky you to have feet the first time around!! I’m still looking for them, teehee!
    Thank you for these celebratory macs. Jamie and me love having you at Mactweets!!

  2. What a fantastic – not within your capabilities – triumph. Your letters are PERFECT – and so are the macs… look so lovely – and I am sure they taste so, too. Please share the name of your baking and cooking store – and your “not so happy with” champagne ganache recipe”… as well as, please, the type of colouring you used. Did you venture into your Pierre Hermes book yet?
    These look delectable…. every bit as lovely as the ones I just ate a couple of days ago at Laduree in London!

  3. These looks great! Cheers to you for success the first attempt this time around! They are very pretty even if the do not taste so swell. Your pics are looking really nice these days. 🙂

  4. Wot — no mention in the psot of the lovely vintage rose Champagne? Brought up from the cellar for the photo shoot, it, well, had to be drunk… 😉

  5. You’re so modest. You made letters? Pretty amazing. And everything looked fantastic, including your “food styling”. Great shots. And since you only had to make the macs once, you got extra hours added to your life! Thanks for using part of that time to come by my place. You always brighten it up.

  6. I can not believe the letters; many of us struggle to make those little round circles so I’m beyond impressed. Always look forward to your mactails!

  7. Cheers – Love it!! I think they look just fine 🙂 One of these days, I will muster up the courage to try making macs. I will be sure to thoroughly read your posts first!

  8. Pleased to see the beautiful letters. Congratulations and Cheers! I would have loved to be a fly on the wall as you got the templates for the letters. I am VERY impressed. xxx

  9. Wow, wow, wow! Those letters are so cool . I love the colour of the macarons too, but pity the taste wasn’t as you hoped. Still, feet and brilliant shells more than make up for it.

  10. You’ve mastered the macaron! You’re even creating perfect letters now, just further demonstrates your macaron expertise. =) Well done! How did you like that Pierre Hermé macaron book?

  11. Oooh an online baking store? Thanks for this very dangerous link! And ha ha ha see? When you are concentrating on the filling the macs come out perfect! Therefor just do, don’t think! And they are wonderful! Love the flavors too. And those letters are fabulous! Excellent post and excellent macs, Mardi! Love it all! Cheers!


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