The One of a Kind Show (Toronto)

Today we made our annual trip to the One of a Kind Show in Toronto to buy Neil’s staff gifts.

(image and info below courtesy the One of a Kind website)

This year’s show featured The One of a Kind Neighbourhoods:

One of a Kind Flavours… the best in food from coast to coast.
One of a Kind Fashion District… presented by Toronto Life… hot fashions and prêt à porter style fashion shows.
One of a Kind Rising Stars… the best of new Canadian talent.
One of a Kind Visual Art Gallery… your best source for original artwork in a gallery setting.
One of a Kind Green… shop local and shop with a conscience! This section features eco-friendly products for all.

Since it wasn’t really a foodie event, I wasn’t planning to “cover it” but I stopped short when I saw this:

and up close…

Uh huh, they look a little errrr… shall we say “waxy” right?

Because they’re SOAP!!! I am not normally into shaped soaps but c’mon – a macaron tower – I mean how cool is that? They also had other yummies:

Let’s just say that some of Neil’s staff will be VERY happy (and sweet smelling) campers this Christmas!!!

The company, Demo Soap, is based right here in Toronto – in fact, just around the corner from our house… That’s what I love about these shows – you get to discover all sorts of small retailers that you otherwise would not know about. And I love their philosophy (taken from their website):

We’ll be checking out their retail store in the future, that’s for sure!

Demo Soap
Liberty Market Building

171 East Liberty St. Suite 123

Toronto, ON, M6K 3P6

Tel: 1-416-536-3916

Fax: 1-416-536-4854


Store Hours 

Monday thru Friday
 12 pm – 6:30 pm

11 am – 5 pm

Since we were shopping for gifts, I felt I should treat myself also. You know, as you do. Last year I saw these necklaces and didn’t get one and regretted it. This year I caved:

I mean – how could I NOT??? A liquorice allsort necklace? It’s got Mardi written all over it! Neil got into the swing of things and bought some cuff-links:

And Cleo thought she would try the necklace on and try to eat the allsorts:

Flying Frog Design Studio unfortunately do not have a website but I’ll bet they will soon with cool designs like that.

Don’t you love how I can turn what is essentially a craft and design show into a food post?

11 thoughts on “The One of a Kind Show (Toronto)”

  1. yes every couple weeks or so MarxFoods offers a different sampling up for review – in fact it was hardly as inadvertant as it seemed I am trying to help them drive traffic to their site – they also have give-a-ways fairly often as well so I am glad you had a chance to look around there a bit and definitely hit them up for some samples.

  2. The One of a Kind show is one of the events I miss about Toronto. Always a great place for unique gifts! We were thinking alike with our posts today – if you haven't checked it out yet, I think you'd like the spatula necklace charm and the fork/spoon earrings!

  3. traveleatlove – yup!

    highlow – those earrings are pretty cute!

    Duo – absolutely!

    % Star Foodie – I thought so too!

    Conor – LOL!

    Unplanned – oooh macaron erasers – I would want to eat them too!

    Simply Life – I know!

    Martha – absolutely!

  4. I'm not sure macaron rubbers are "safe" for North American children — or hyper N.A. parents? 🙂

    What Mardi didn't say re the cufflinks is that I asked her last year why she didn't have any. I would not have resited (liek Mardi). So this year she said more than a few asked…and voila. Nice to see a small seller reacting to (and as she said, getting sales from) consumer input. I know the black/white was a little boring…but figured that would go with most of my suit/shirt/tie combos. The pink would be very selective! 😉

    P.S. Can I just remind everyone how cute my cat is…


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