More food parcels…

So, we all know how much I love receiving parcels, right?

The past month has been a bit of a bonanza in the mail department.

First up, a sample of coconut oil from Tropical Traditions:

Not really sure what to do with this, you know, other than have a coconut oil treatment in my hair, so I Googled it and found all sorts of exciting recipes. I am thinking a coconut-curry pumpkin soup might be on the menu this week…

Next up, a virtual acquaintance who has known me since before I even had a blog! The Queen of Cups was in my online blogging class back in May and just turned up in my online food writing class that started back in October. She sent me some samples of her wonderful product, Java Juice, the ORIGINAL Starbucks Via…. Now it’s not often that I would use this type of product though I can certainly see me tucking a few in my bags when I travel to avoid awful hotel and airline coffee. I am excited to try this in recipes! I can see it featuring in my Christmas cookie lineup already!

Next up, my lovely mum who can be counted on for all sorts of surprise treat boxes arriving on our doorstep at regular intervals throughout the year sent me this:

Now we all remember my penchant for these guys, right? Ok, so the Caramello “Santas” are just Caramello Koalas in a different shape but look – strawberry Freddos!!!! I know, I know, it’s not sophisticated at all but I LOVE it! Thanks mum!

Lastly but certainly not least, look what we received from our friends Cathy and Steve (of the Top Chef challenge fame (can I just say that looking at that post written back in May, I am pretty happy with how far my blogging has come. Not so much the writing but the pictures I am posting are (I hope!) way better than just a few short months ago. See, you can teach an old dog new tricks!)

WOW! So many salts to try out! I am surprised they made it through customs actually! Thanks guys – we wish you lived closer too (though perhaps all our waistlines are thankful we don’t!). can’t wait until next spring!!!!

8 thoughts on “More food parcels…”

  1. Looks like you have some fun goodies to try out! I'm intrigued by all of the salt varieties… I have to say I haven't strayed far from good 'ol Kosher salt. Enjoy!

  2. Lauren – I can't wait to try those salts either!

    Garden Cat – when you have been blogging a little while you might find people contact you.

    Rebecca – get your mum right on that!

    Fresh Local – I love the mailman!

    Kelsey – thanks!

  3. hey, we made it onto the blog! i always feel like a celebrity when we're mentioned here. 😉 hope you can use the salts in something fun – i thought of you when i bought them in dallas at an upscale supermarket's "salt bar," and was hoping they'd make it through canadian customs. it took me a good long while to get through airport security with a dozen little plastic containers of powdery/crystallized substance in my carryon. heh heh

  4. Best Family – OK seriously? You took that through a US airport? Actually that's not as bad as Neil bringing back 2lbs of Laotian salt through Bangkok…..


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