Food coma, Parts II and III

So after last Saturday’s spectacular meal, our food extravaganza continued with breakfast. Eggs Benedict, no less:

Lynne made the hollandaise in the food processor and then gently heated it up over a pot of warm water. It was perfect. No reason to NOT make it in a food processor in my humble opinion.

Later that day, we headed out to our friend, Alicia’s house for dinner. Not just any dinner, you understand, but we were on a mission to trial some dishes for a caterer friend of Alicia’s who was practising dishes for an upcoming event. How could we resist?

We started with some hummus and crackers:

Followed by a version of French onion soup (but made with vegetable broth and minus the cheese overload):

The main course was pan-seared cod (finished off in the oven) served with chick peas and spinach and Spanish saffron rice:

We all heartily approved of these menu items and think Jesse will be a total hit serving these at the end of the month!

So there you have it – a weekend of much indulgence. Needless to say, last night’s dinner was homemade soup (leek and potato) and English muffin grilled cheese. Because you can’t have spectacular meals every day, right?

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16 thoughts on “Food coma, Parts II and III”

  1. Such delicious eats for your weekend! I would love those eggs benedict for my breakfast right now and loved the crepes from the previous post!

  2. Simply Life – thanks!

    Dawn – yup!

    Anncoo – thank you

    5 Star – yes, thankfully it's not every weekend we are eating like that!

    Conor – YAY for hummus!

    Fresh Local – they were!

    High Low – yup, Neil almost always orders them when we go to brunch!

  3. oh wow great food love the healthy french onion soup do you have the recipe for the cod, i would love to feature it on a Alaskan Seafood Blog I write and link to ya

    rebeccasubbiah at yahoo dot com

    love Rebecca


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