Ok so when we were out and about in Sydney the other day, this sign caught my eye (as those of you who know me would imagine it might…)

So I am there reading the sign in my jetlagged state wondering what on earth Obama has to do with this “salted coffee” craze. Well, nothing, in fact – he just happened to be on the cover of the Time magazine in which this article appeared. Shameless use of the President’s image, I say, shameless. Actually, a bit like this sign we saw in New York City last November, mere days after Obama’s election:

(Uh huh – I am sure more people bought the arugula because of the picture on the sign…)

Still, it made me look!

On closer inspection there’s a whole explanation of how the salt is whipped into the creamy foam and added to the coffee (click to enlarge) or check out the original article from Time here:

Hmmm… not so sure about this, though I guess if the salty taste works with chocolate, it might work with coffee… We didn’t try it out. Next time, maybe…

3 thoughts on “Shameless!”

  1. at first glance, i thought the salted coffee sounded awful, but after reading the article, i am intrigued. after all, i do love other sweet/salty combos. sea salt caramels were my holiday obsession last year, and starbucks did indeed have a sea salt hot chocolate this winter that was yummy. i don't think it would work with plain black coffee, but perhaps with a sweeter, mocha type coffee. hmm . . . and of course, obama goes with everything, salty or sweet! 🙂


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