Macarons – attempt #3

Well as we all know by now, I really do heart macarons.

My mum here in Sydney was intrigued so I thought we should try again, especially since the last time I made them, it was a complete disaster...

We followed David Lebovitz’s recipe again, and as per usual, these turned out completely differently than the last batches…

Not round and flat like they are supposed to be…

(but good “feet” on them nonetheless).

Some of them cracked (we think this is because we used two different level shelves to cook the batch on – mum doesn’t have a North American sized oven..):

But they turned out pretty nicely anyway:

And moist and chewey on the inside:

My mum is inspired to make more and “get it right” (re: the flat tops…)

Oh… and Jess liked the mixture. A lot.

4 thoughts on “Macarons – attempt #3”

  1. I'm working up the courage to try macarons. I would be thrilled if I could make an acceptable batch. Yours are beautiful, love the photo. I'm definitely going to give it a try.

  2. My first attempt turned out abit like your first photo- they didn’t have feet *sobs* but they had that little nipple on top! I wonder what I did and how to change it:/


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